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  1. Nacho man55

    Nacho man55 New Member

    I'm pretty sure that this belongs here, so if I put it in the wrong place, sorry.

    Anyways, where is the spot where you most commonly smoke? For me it is my friend's roof. All you have to do to get to it is just climb out of a window and you're there. It's flat, large, sturdy, and out of the sight of anybody. Perfect.

    What's yours?
  2. dt5014

    dt5014 New Member

    The middle of my living room in the house that I share with my 5 roommates
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  3. Nacho man55

    Nacho man55 New Member

    I wish that I could smoke in my house, but for certain reasons, I can't.

    I remember back when I was 15 though, my friend and I smoked in his house because he said his parents were gonna be out for a while, they got back about 5 minutes after we stopped, the whole house smelled like weed, I'm really lucky I didn't get caught, ha ha.

    Sorry, I'm off topic.
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I usually vape sitting in my big leather recliner in front of my home theater/computer system. One of the (many) nice things about vaping is that it doesn't smell up the house like smoking does.
  5. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    It's sad but my usual spot is in the garage. I have a small section of my work area dedicated to the SSV. This is where I spend some time every night. I guess I really am a Midnight Toker.

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  6. 420shredder

    420shredder New Member

    By myself, i sit on the ledge of this window that is in a room that no one uses, and it is facing my back yard with only one house that is visible but very far away. With my friend, it varies, sometimes in the woods on this bike trail, sometimes in this awesome creek down the street from my house, or out of the window i was talkin about.
  7. Free_Your_Mindd

    Free_Your_Mindd New Member

    I have a huge walk in closet in my room, that is perfect for clam baking. It's really nice in there too. My mom sometimes gets pissed though sometimes, because she thinks I'm like going to catch the house or something on fire since I smoke in there, and I have a lot of clothes and what not. But I have a clear section to smoke at.

    I also smoke on my back porch by the pool, only at night, and in the summer time when the neighboors behind us are up north for the summer. When I have friends over, I have chairs and stuff in my garage. It's pretty nifty out there.
  8. nibbles

    nibbles New Member

    I'm so lucky I live alone. I just toke right in bed reading, or in my kitchen while making dinner, or taking a dump, I've yet to smoke in the shower. Once I accidentally brought a joint with me as I brought my garbage out. It was in my mouth. Hee hee!
  9. nibbles

    nibbles New Member

    I like how it's all expertly hidden behind... an easily removable cardboard thing. :D
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  10. JamoLovesBlunts

    JamoLovesBlunts New Member

    i go down stairs, rolla blunt, step outside and either sit in the back porch or take a walk. sometimes ill drive to this girls house, but that is off topic after that.
  11. UpInFlames

    UpInFlames Sr. Member

    I usually smoke in this cool little chill spot I made in the canyon. It's right next to my house and out of sight to most people. It's almost always really sunny and the canyon looks really cool. I've been smoking there for so long that whenever I go there and i'm not high I start feeling a little high.
  12. Montanita

    Montanita New Member my desk at work :)...
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  13. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    My backyard, on the big couch swing, or on that patio on either the couch or on the chairs that surround the glass table.
  14. TokinSteve

    TokinSteve New Member

    In my room with the window open, lots of different parks, friends house, downtown(milwaukee) at the lake front is my favorite place to smoke
  15. LeThZe

    LeThZe New Member

    1. My backyard. There's a wooden deck and an outdoor fireplace and me and my friends will light up. Then we can just go inside which brings me to...
    2. The backroom. It's a Florida room where it's kinda outside/inside. I have a bed in there. And there's a big, soft, green couch that's literally like 2-4ft away from a big screen tv.
    3. My room. I pull an apple out from under my bed right when I wake up and wake and bake.
    4. The bathroom. Just take an apple in there then smoke up and take a shower.
    5. My friend's car. He has tinted windows so you can't see inside and we'll do it while he's driving or sometimes when he's parked.

    And I might have a new spot. My friend's friend has a dock on the bay and it's really nice to sit there and toke up.
  16. VictoryScreech

    VictoryScreech New Member

    The woods behind my house, it sucks cause of mosquitoes and poison ivy and such but me and my friends made a path that goes pretty deep in there. There is a dirt road next to it but there are like no cars that go on it so its pretty secluded.
  17. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    We usually smoke at my best friends house, he has a room with a pool table (currently uninstalled because his cousin came to love with him) and a really chilled room with a nice TV, good soundsystem and lots of Bob Marley albums. Otherwise we know a few good spots in "nature" (as natural as it gets in a city) where you are surprisingly secluded and can have BBQ's and chill.
  18. Montanita

    Montanita New Member

    reminds me of the "old" song...

    "sittin on the dock by the bay...watching the tide rooooolllll away :p

  19. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    In the country

    We have some rural property we hope to retire on someday. All we have there now is a barn, but we have running water. Use solar showers for washing. Cook on a Coleman stove or a grill, and a potty chair carefully positioned over a hole in a patch of tall weeds for a bathroom.

    We get a lot of deer and turkeys in the front yard and the back of the property is on a beautiful trout river.The other side of which is a 500' bluff, so we will never have to look at neighbors. There are ospreys, an occasional eagle, and other assorted wildlife. My neighbor saw 3 elk last year. I just set up one of those bag chairs with the built in footrest, point it in whatever direction I want to look and commune with nature. Bad part is my neighbor proudly wears his marijuana eradication task force hat with great pride so I have to be cautious when he is around and no secret gardens.
  20. noobsaibot

    noobsaibot New Member

    ^^i love most of your posts.

    i smoke mostly in my room. i got three neighborhood watch hags on three sides of my house while my immediate neighbor smokes weed. the neighborhood watch hags don't have anything to do and try to get you jammed up over anything. you can be dribbling a basketball at 9pm and they want to call the police,so i know they'd jump at the chance to get someone locked up over weed.

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