Yupp, another grow light question.

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by 20ith, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    Sorry to make a thread about lighting, seems popular.

    So, I've heard CFL's are good and I've heard that you should use two different lights throughout the grow, flowering and veg. But, im not sure what those are, I really have very little knowledge on lights.

    But, I today at work I noticed I now have access to what likes to be two powerful lights I could use to grow. Nobody would mind either and I'm free to use what I want usually, and there is no need for them.


    So, Im not even sure what these are called but here is some information on the ones I have.
    From the sticker.

    HALINE FQ 500A
    250 Vac? Max - Not sure on that, hard to read.
    Lamp Tungsten
    500 w. max

    by the brand, THORN

    So, do I have some good grow lights for two, maybe three plants with two of the lights.
    Also, if I can use them, could I use just those lights, or would they not be good for veg and flower.
  2. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    250+ View but no answer, anybody?
  3. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    I was pretty confused on what kinda light that was.
    So I'm guessing it's a Tungsten Incandescent 500watt lamp.

    Incandescents are costly to run,a lot of the energy put into them is given off as heat,rather than light. Its also hard to get the light close enough to the plant for them to be effective because the are so fucking hot.

    Putting it most basically:

    for the vegitative stage you need light of the blue spectrum. This is basically "HID Metal Halide" lights and certain kinds blue florescent bulbs.

    for flowering stage you need far red light. This is "HID High Pressure Sodium" lights and certain kinds of red florescent bulbs.

    but honestly, I've grown threw the vegetative stage using a flowering light that gives out far red light and I've seen no negative effects, but If you try to flower using a vegetative spectrum it will result in a harvest of loose fluffy buds for most strains.

    I'm no expert on florescents, and honestly i hate them. So I'm sorry if i don't know exactly what florescent bulb types you need for what stage.
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  4. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    Are you sure it would be incandescent? I have my doubts.
    No where on the sticker does it read incandescent but it does say Haline.

    I searched on google, "Halide 500w max" and the first result was for a lamp that looks identical to mine and it says that its a Metal-Halide flood lamp.

    So, if that's the case, then all I have is a veg light?
    Also, if I do use them, will I need to use both lights for two plants or just one light?

    EDIT: Scratch that, its a 500w Tungsten Halogen flood light. It's blue light when I turn it on.
    so.... worth the effort to use it?
  5. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    Really the only lights you want to use for growing are
    -high pressure sodium
    -metal halide
    -compact floros
    -floro tubes

    I'm not expert,but I've read halogens put out the wrong spectrum for growing,and also produce a lot of infrared light which will cook your plants.
    I've also read you need something like 10,000 watts of halogen to get the same results as 1000 watts of HPS.
  6. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    Oh.. haha shit, okay :p Well, guess its time to invest some money
  7. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    Halogens are tungsten lights with a halide gas in a quartz tube, the halogen allows the tungsten to glow much hotter without losing metal and burning out. It is still an incandescent light and 90% of the output is infra-red. Right under what plants use.
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  8. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    Okay, thought I might have stumbled onto a nice find.
  9. Tricks

    Tricks New Member

    Did you manage to try these lights out? are they any good?
  10. Snow White

    Snow White New Member

    Go with CFLs for a cheap productive set up.Invest in bigger better lights later.Lean to grow 1st.CFLs are the beginners friend.Hard to burn up plants due to low heat output so minimal ventilation is needed.Once you lean with those consider MH/HPS or LEDs.Use 2700K soft white CFLs for flowering and 6500K daylight CFLs for veg. I like the 23 watters.Remember 150-200 Watts of cfl per sq. ft of floor space in your flower room.
  11. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    Because I was told, and did a little research and ultimately found out they weren't going to be worth the hassle I have yet to even attempt my first grow. I hit a bump in the road with no work but now that I have the income I'm going to start getting the supplies I need.

    You say once I learn with CFL's try MH/HPS or LED lights, are LED light particularly difficult to grow with? Because I imagine due to their size LED lights would be more suited to my situation.
  12. Tricks

    Tricks New Member

    kl thnx ill go with the CFL's
  13. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    If you have the time I would be interested to see your set up and let me know how it works for you
  14. Snow White

    Snow White New Member

  15. Snow White

    Snow White New Member

    No not harder but much more expensive.See if growing your own is for you 1st.I can set up a grow with CFLs for under $100 easy.A good LED is $200+.
  16. Tricks

    Tricks New Member

    Sure thing, im just gathering all the equipment i need then ill post some pics of the setup and ill keep you informed how it goes
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  17. tombarney

    tombarney New Member

    We used those at work too.They called them halogen.They get very hot.If You get oil from Your fingers on the bulb they will explode.
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  18. Snow White

    Snow White New Member

    They are basically the same light as a cars head lamp and do not produce the proper color of light for growing.
  19. djguta

    djguta Active Member

    i use halogen for BBQ lol . hey 20th u need to get u self a book

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