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  1. CrazyStoner

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    why in the heck do I get zits and break out all kinds whenever I smoke a bowl? does anyone else have this problem. all of my friends who smoke everyday have clear skin, what the heck!
  2. ChronicBrownie

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    Maybe you are stressing over getting caught or get paranoid and ****. It could be that, but you didnt say if you were like that. Maybe it is one of the chemicals in marijuana, try hitting a waterbong. The water filters a lot of stuff out, if you still break out, decide whether you want to be zit free, or spirit free.

    Oh, and welcom to MJ.com :wave:
  3. PokeSmot

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    I've never heard of this problem before, but seeing as I had bad acne as a kid, I'll give you some tips. You may be alergic, so my tips may be in vain, but here it goes. You need to keep your skin free of dirt and oil, which is what causes the bacteria to grow on your face, and therefore break out. Make sure to wash your face in the morning, in the middle, and at night. If you have to, carry some kind of cleansing pads with you, and clean your face at about the time you eat lunch. There is a soap called "Cetaphil" that you can pick up at your local drug store which is gentle on your face, yet will remove all the dirt and oil quite well. Another problem you may have.. is that you're touching your face too often. Touching your skin, rubbing it, or even leaning on it while you're bored in class can cause your skin to get irritated and break out. I went to a dermatologist, which was absolutely pointless. They did nothing but make my skin worse, and what I really needed to do was quit fooling with it and putting the harsh medications on my skin which irritated it and dried it out even worse. Hope my tips help... I know acne can really suck. Don't sweat it, though... everybody gets pimples! :p
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    Hey Hey! Welcome to Marijuana.com. Hope you enjoy your stay..

    PokeSmot pretty much covered everything.

    Dont Drink the BongWater.:wave:
  5. Eat healthily, drink lots of water, do cardio to work up a good sweat to cleanse the skin, and get some mild sun exposure. Also, vitamin B6 does wonders.
  6. LittleC

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    I'm not sure if this is true or not but someone once told me that some people who smoke break out on their faces b/c the smoke clogs their pores. If this is true, you'd just want to make sure you blow the smoke away from your face and make sure that people don't blow smoke in your face...that way you avoid clogging your pores w/dirty smoke.
  7. cronhead

    cronhead New Member

    i had really bad acne as a kid...so i feel ya bro!!
    my biggest problem was forgetting to wash my face before i went to bed. if you're baked...nothing else really matters, so just make sure to wash up before you hit the sheets. i'm not saying that'll cure all your worries...but a full day of oil on your face isn't going to help the cause!
  8. Shaba Zero

    Shaba Zero New Member

    It took me eight years to figure that one out too! I took morning showers, so I went to sleep at night with the morning's hair spray in my hair. It obviously got all over the pillowsheets and I ended up laying in it all night.

    Now I'm 23 so I don't have much problems. But the few problems I had went away completely after switching to night showers before bed.


    A side bonus is that you don't have to wash the sheets as often if you're clean.
  9. weedzinger

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  10. Faerywings

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    welcome welcome.
    Your diet can actually have a profound effect on your skin. (I think someone may have already said this though) You might want to stay away from things like pizza because greasy foods can cause greasy skin. I know how you feel I used to have wicked bad skin. I had to go on these pills, Acutane 4 times a day for over a year just to get my skin to be decent. EEww bad memories. My skin still gets broken out but thats only because I have this nervous habbit of picking at my skin. But yeah another thing is that acne can sometimes be set off from genetics. So, if a parent of your has bad skin that may be part of the problem.
    The only thing I have ever heard about weed effecting your skin is the smoke. It can clog up the pours.
  11. TheCleric

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    Id trust her folks, shes hot so she knows what shes talking about :D Very good call though.

    Personally i have really sensitive skin and I generally dont get zits. When i do i use this astringent called sea breeze. Im sure its as toxic as the stuff inside batteries but it kicks acnes butt.

  12. StevieJ

    StevieJ Guest

    Dude I used to get zits back in the day when I smoked. I heard it's because weed dries out your skin and that can cause you to break out or whatever. I don't know what to tell you man, it will go away with time. Just drink lots of water when you smoke.
  13. PsYcHoLoGiCaL

    PsYcHoLoGiCaL Seasoned Activist

    If its bad enough go see a dermatologist and get some pills, they works like magic. My sister did that when she was like 13 and she cleared up in around 2 weeks. It was quite immpressive I must say, i recomend it too anyone with a acne problum, i think the name of the pill they gave her started with a D or somthing. Anyways good luck.
  14. AnarchistBarbie

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    One more thing...

    Looks like this was covered nigh unto death - but no one mentioned washing the linens! If you collapse happily into bed after taking the trouble to blow smoke away from you, and insisting that no one blow smoke at you... and you make the effort not to touch your face too much, and you washed it before you dived into the horizontal... but you havent' washed that pillowcase in months.....

    Yep, if you are seriously looking out for your skin, make sure you change the linens on your bed at least weekly. And if you are sensitive or allergic, and the sofa in your livingroom is upholstered in some sort of fabric - vacuum it!
  15. cronhead

    cronhead New Member

    i use that stuff too (i agree, the smell it gives off doesn't leave me thinking it's too gentle on skin, but i works!)
  16. Bad-Bux

    Bad-Bux Guest

    Thats pretty odd..

    I never had this problem in all my marijuana years and still dont, havent encountered anyone else with the same type of problem either.
  17. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    Here's something interesting.

    I never had bad acne, but like most people I'd get a pimple now and then.

    When i started smoking more frequently, nothing changed, this was still the same.

    However, when i started smoking everyday (this was for the past 3 weeks), I have yet to get 1 pimple... not even a start of one.

    I think it's just another great medicinal use for marijuana... smoke it everyday, and no more acne :)
  18. smokinallday

    smokinallday Guest

    just get this **** called proactiv its a 3 piece cleansing system. You have the face wash, then the toner, an the refining lotion or some **** it does wonders. Btw i think their website has all the truth an myths about zits, like people think chocolate gives you acne is not true. Although a healthy diet helps alot eating pizza wont make you breakout unless you have some sort of allergic reaction in which case its not acne.
  19. jaydawg

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    You wanna know something funny, i didnt really realize this until now, but my acne cleared up when i started smoking weed. im still smokin and my face is nice and clear.. could it be the weed... i dont think so, but never the less
  20. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    I think it is

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