Zoloft and marijuana

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by bENJI, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. bENJI

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    Hey people,
    Bummer about the site. But just think, for every good post that was lost, there were five "bongs are kewl" type of posts lost. :D: It'll be back to normal in a month.

    Well anyway I want to revive the topic of pot-antidepressant interactions. My psychiatrist just switched me from Wellbutrin to Zoloft. Actually today is my first day on Zoloft, and I'm feeling the nausea that the doctor warned me about. Ukk.

    But anyway, are there Zoloft/marijuana interactions? Has anyone here taken them together? Does zoloft make weed taste funny, like Wellbutrin? Can I smoke to get rid of this nausea?

    It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans! We get a week off from classes! There are parades everyday now, and I'd rather go stoned...
  2. Mrslim

    Mrslim Guest

    Hey there, read your post, I have taken Zoloft for eight years now and have smoked pot daily for about the same time.

    I remember when I first took Zoloft, I felt sickly like with a headache for about five days, and I did smoke pot then. It did ease the nausea a bit, but remember that Zoloft is a powerful SSRI/Anti-depressant, so pot will not eliviate all of the side effects. So just grit your teeth and bear it, if you wish, but give it time too. It took a month for the full effects of Zoloft to work with me.

    I would also caution you, though. I do not know why you are prescribed Zoloft, but I take it for Bi-Polar rapid cycling moods. That's why I smoke pot too, it seems to be the only effective substance for my "Manic" phases. I have encountered some severe boughts of depression smoking pot while taking the Zoloft, so you must be careful of how much pot you smoke at a certain time.

    You know how you feel better than anyone, so if you are really down, I don't ill-recomend smoking pot but, I am just warning you that interactions will happen, rarely, though.

    Other than that, I think you will be allright to use it with Zoloft, I do, it is a good combo for my disorder. Maybe if you tell me why your taking Zoloft, unless you feel uncomfortable talking about it, which I understand, then maybe I could help you alot more. Every mind works differently!

    Get back to me on how you are doing, cool?
  3. kodajake22

    kodajake22 Guest

    zoloft and weed

    I would recommend that u talk to ur doctor if u have any real concern. (they r held to the same privacy rights as lawyer/ client privilege.. blah,blah)
    :nono: Too many times we withhold pertinant information from our doctor, yet we still expect them to keep us in good health. The reasons for it, sadly is some misguided ideas of human morality or a temporary embarrassment", that requires medical treatment. ;)

    obw We go to doctors for their medical knowlege, NOT moral opinion or judgement.
  4. Lymelady

    Lymelady Guest

    Hi Benji,

    I have used pot with zoloft for many years with no adverse side effects.
    Zoloft affects the seretonin levels in the brain. Without the zoloft I have chronic anxiety. I've been on wellbutrin before too, but it didn't work as well for me.
    Sometimes I still get anxiety when I smoke, but I think it's much better on zoloft.
    As for the nausea? Could be from going off wellbutrin abruptly.
    Hope you feel better soon & yes smoking should help it!

  5. bENJI

    bENJI New Member

    Hey thanks for the responses

    You were right about the nausea Mr Slim (Or is that Mrs. Lim? :D). It went away by itself. It was the stangest feeling too - it had nothing to do with the stomach. I could eat and nothing happened. The nausea was all in my mind, like vertigo or something. Wierd!

    Anyway I smoked some bud yesterday (Ok, and the day before,and today too). The highs weren't very good. I'd smoke and get that rush you get at first - but then it would stop. I was stoned, but that crazy euphoria that I like wouldn't come. I take Zoloft basically for anxiety and depression - I get so caught up in worryign about embarrasing things that happen, or might happen, that I can't act. There's a little panicky voice in my head that always tells me that people hate me, I look stupid today, why bother, she's laughing at me behind my back, the cops are coming, etc. Zoloft has calmed that voice down. It already plagues me less. But I wonder if that part of me was the part that liked getting high? That liked seeing the absurd side of things? Maybe now I'm "stable" and can never get really STONED again! :indiffere

    Or maybe the bud wasn't very good. I did buy it on the street...
  6. TomServo

    TomServo Guest

    I also used to take zoloft and I had no problems either.
  7. gyro

    gyro Guest

    I'm on celexa , another antidepressant,I do experience nausea and some uneasinesss still which is cured with a little toke , okay maybe a little more at times but I'm so much better balanced now mentally that I'm even considering asking my doctor to prescribe it for me .i've never felt so good in my life (45 yrs old) as I have in the last year since I've been trying this combo.
  8. impregnantandscared

    impregnantandscared New Member

    sooooo basically i am on 300 mg of zoloft and i asked my therapist if i can smoke and she said that you can and you will be fine, but you shouldnt do shroom or lsd because that makes you drip ballsss

    but weed does enlighten peoples high, so it makes you feel sort of on shrroooms and thats why some people freak out and think it makes it go crazy, but if you know that its just the zoloft and "ride the wave" and you will have the most amazing trip ever!!!!! trust me i do its amazing!

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