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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by jacob420, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. jacob420

    jacob420 New Member

    Ive been taking zoloft for 4 years for social anxiety and smoking weed for about a year. when i first started smoking weed i would get really happy, a little nervous, and talkative. but since a few months ago i started to get really quiet when i smoked even though i feel like talking, and stay quiet for a few days, still feel extremely happy, but become a really boring person that can never think of any thing to say. i really hate that because my friends start to not like me as much, but i love weed too much to quit smoking. is there any way around this reaction?
  2. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    Maybe try taking only 1-3 hits next time you smoke if you're smokin headies(maybe 3-5 for decent mids), even if you don't feel high right after smoking don't worry, it will settle in. Personally if I take 2-3 hits I'm in a more talkative state than when I'm sober or blazed as shit. Gotta find your proper balance for certain situations. If I'm with my closest friends I can go all out, it's only if I'm with people I don't usually hang out with that I need to limit myself.

    This is just all in your head, not reality.
  3. FreddyC

    FreddyC Pot is a better drug than alcohol. Fact!

    Hey, if your "friends" don't like you as much because you are quieter......fuck them.

    I take 100 mg of zoloft and smoke every day. I can't see where it's had any odd effect on me. But, each person is different in how they react. Freddy
  4. jacob420

    jacob420 New Member

    last time i got quiet as soon as i got high, and i did it with one good friend. he actually said "why arent you talking?" with a kind of mad but sad look on his face, all i could say was "sorry" and i felt horrible about it even though i was happy. he still talked to me and he still likes to smoke with me, but smoking just wont be as fun as it can be until im able to talk. the only part that really bothers me is that i have a hard time talking the next day, this is a huge problem when im at school.
  5. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    Sounds like burnout. Definitely try cutting down on smoking and see if that helps you. Also if you're a daily smoker then try taking a couple days off during the week.
  6. jacob420

    jacob420 New Member

    actually i went 2 months without smoking since my parents started drug testing me, i started talking again. but since 2 weeks ago ive been able to smoke because i learned i can add bleach to my sample to kill the thc, if there's no way i can talk and smoke i would rather just live with it.
  7. MemphisBBQ

    MemphisBBQ Sr. Member

    I was like that for a while. I guess I just adjusted over time.(Smoking since 17,20 now). Just try and practice social interaction. Force yourself to be involved in what your friends are doing, or even throw in your opinion on something when they are conversing. It became easier for, and still becomes easier the more I practice my social skills. Although I was never on Zoloft I used to be very anti-social, and still am at times.
  8. thedude55551

    thedude55551 New Member

    fuck ssri's man they ruin your life. i would seriously try to get off that shit before it permanently damages your serotonin receptors. i would advise not doing any drugs on that shit man its already bad enough you wouldnt wanna risk serotonin sydrome.
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  9. jacob420

    jacob420 New Member

    thats exactly what i was thinking! I really want to try that, but i'm not totally sure how i should go about getting off it. because i know the worst thing i could do is stop taking it all at once. it's kinda funny you mention serotonin syndrome because i used to be really fucked up, messing with thizz and cough syrup. thanks alot!
  10. thedude55551

    thedude55551 New Member

    Ya dude that off topic will totally mess you up. ask your doctor say you dont like the way its making you feel. My grandma and aunt took zoloft for like 5 years and they are husks of what they were. they are kinda just there not happy not sad. if you have severe social anxiety ask if they can switch you to benzodiazapines. My doc had me taking meds that i hated and i told him that i couldnt take them any more and he just weened me off now im perscription free just tokin up to relive my symptoms.
  11. jacob420

    jacob420 New Member

    my psychiatrist wont listen to a word a I say, he already had me taking 150mg and when my parents told him that i smoked weed he kept saying the weed made me even more depressed then before the zoloft. I told him i was the happiest ive ever been, he just kept calling me depressed and he raised me to 200mg of that shit everyday! im gonna have to get myself off it, but i dont know how because i have to take 2 100mg pills, so i cant take 25mg off every two weeks, like im supposed to do to get off it.
  12. Herbania

    Herbania Don't fear the reefer

    I did a quick search on the web and there is no real data on this, except zoloft is largely touted for its lack of interaction with other drugs.I would expect something negative would have popped up in the media about interactions by now with medical marijuana being legal some places for years. I took zoloft for awhile and got off of it pretty fast because it made my skin crawl like all ssri drugs seem to do to me, but I was misdiagnosed.I have PTSD and chronic pain syndrome, both not caused by a chemical imbalance . For me cognitive therapy worked better since you actually train yourself to think different instead of relying on drugs that just treat the symptoms. I had to change doctors to get it though since the first one I had insisted on the drugs. I no longer have to sit 'gunfighter" in public places and don't freak out in crowds or start fights anymore. it aint cheap . here's some info..
    Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches
    I 'm still crazy, but a lot less than i used to be which is more than any drug accomplished.

    In my opinion if you have social anxiety issues pot really isn't a good choice for recreation, it will just make you more anxious and amplify your ANTs(automatic negative thoughts). Do a search of paranoia and pot on this site you'll see it can cause panic attacks for people who don't even have problems with anxiety. Maybe overcome the social anxiety first and toke up after then. it will still be there when you're ready. I know I piss people off when I say this because I say it a lot, pot isn't for everyone and effects everyone a bit different. If i was allowed to discuss other off-topics i would say the same about those. Most people who try it don't like it otherwise there would be over 100 million stoners in the USA alone. There are things I can't handle well that are served in bars that others can easily. I'm one of the lucky ones, pot never made me paranoid, unless the cops were following me...pot gives me a 'fuck it' attitude.

    I agree with Freddy C, if your friends are giving you shit about being quiet, screw em. Although i do have to wonder if because of your condition you're making a bigger deal about that in your head than it actually is with your friends as that is the very nature of social anxiety, a feeling of being judged.

    Good luck
  13. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    sometimes me and my friends are mad quiet after we get high if there isn't alot of us. we tend to zone right the fuck out ahah.

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