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    DEEZ_NUTZ New Member

    Has anyone ever heard of Zona? Im new to somkin weed, and zona is the only weed i got my hands on. Is it good, bad or regular?
  2. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    There are many avid growers out there.

    With differing results.

    Those 2 variables make it very difficult to answer your question.

    I personally have never heard of a strain called "Zona"

    I can believe it exists.

    Only you can decide if its desirable.

    DEEZ_NUTZ New Member

    well its the only weed iv ever smoked so i cant compare it to any other one
  4. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    well does it get you high and make you feel good, look and smell nice and are you able to get a lot of high off a little bud? if its any of those things (the more of em, the better) then youve got some good bud.

    Also, i haven't heard of Zona either, but that might just be the name that the grower gave it.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I can't find "Zona" listed in any of the strain guides. I suspect that your weed supposedly comes from Arizona.
  6. S&MPenguin

    S&MPenguin New Member

    When I was growing up the "zona" was just a hustle name slapped on various mid grades.
    "It's not schwag it's the zona"(meanig it's from Arizona whatever the fuck that means). It would be funny if that hustle is still living strong in this generation of stoners.

    DEEZ_NUTZ New Member

    yes it duz give me a buz after 3 or 4 hits....
  8. marijuanavillle7

    marijuanavillle7 New Member

    its probably just some random name whoever sold it to u made up lol. That happens all the time.

    DEEZ_NUTZ New Member

    ohhh i thought it was a well known name...thanks for the info
  10. marijuanavillle7

    marijuanavillle7 New Member

    even if it is a well known name like kush or northern lights. who is to say thats true? i would only believe it if it came straight from the grower. Anyone can throw a name out ya know?
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  11. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    It's true, that happens a lot unfortunately. My (shady) guy is always telling me he has some weird form of kush or another, but I know he is just trying to get me to pay more for the mids that he usually has...I only go through him if my regular guy is out for a week or more.
  12. o0HAZE0o

    o0HAZE0o New Member

    "zona" is definately another word for arizona or mids....people where i live use it all the time...not the best bud, but not the worst...
  13. Jobes

    Jobes New Member

    AZ(or Zona) is some of the shittiest,driest, worst smelling/smoking bud i have ever had. got a quarter for like 20, maybe 15. i cant remember just to roll mad blunts and if i wouldn't have been a bit intoxicated from something else i probably would have not enjoyed it at all.

    Im sure the bud varies, but if i hear AZ or Zona from anyone i automatically decided i will never buy it, no matter how cheap.
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  14. wake&bake

    wake&bake New Member

    Out here in Orlando Zona is like the most common weed you find. Also the most shittiest weed you can find most of the time if i smoke it i just get a headache
  15. BudSmoker92

    BudSmoker92 Sr. Member

    Its another name for mids here..good mids
  16. CantThinkOfaName420

    CantThinkOfaName420 New Member

    By any chance are you from south florida? i am and i hear "Zona" and "Arizona" often, and around here it just means High quality regs.
  17. wake&bake

    wake&bake New Member

    I'm from central florida orlando specifically. Over here when you hear Zonate words high quality definitely don't come to mind. But then again I just can't bring myself to to think of regs as being high quality.
  18. BudSmoker92

    BudSmoker92 Sr. Member

    North Florida here and zona is good mids
  19. Sokesleezy

    Sokesleezy New Member

    Im from South Florida and Zona is mid down here. Not the best but definitely not the worse. compressed hairs, some tris..goes for around 25-30 a quarter.
  20. zonaman

    zonaman New Member

    Zona is very strong here in Florida. It is all we smoke here any more. do not even bother with regs or kryp.

    WHy pay $100 a 1/4 for kryp when you can get killer outdoor organic zona for $25 - $40 a 1/4, and it is just about as good?

    Some of the zona we get here i swear it outdoes even the highest grade indoor kryp, just because organic taste and high is way better than gettin it off all those chemicals and fertilizers.

    In my opinion smoking all this indoor grown with chemicals and fertilizers - that is the stuff that is going to kill you!

    Zona is the BEST bud there is when grown by proper person who does it all 100% organic.

    The aromas and flavors are absolutely amazing, and they are strong adaptive plants.

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