Boulder DA to the Feds: Back Off

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Weed - Boulder DA to the Feds: Back Off

Stan Garnett, Boulder’s District Attorney, just became the one man who can slow down Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh’s crusade against medical marijuana dispensaries. Walsh, as you may know, is the man who who sent letters to and then ensured that 23 of Colorado’s collective shut their doors for good.

But Mr. Garnett (no relation to Kevin) decided that Walsh isn’t the only Colorado attorney capable of writing a persuasive letter. So on Tuesday, Garnett wrote ┬áhis own letter in defense of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry, effectively telling Walsh to take a chill pill┬áTetra Labs Gold Cap.

Garnett dropped the hammer on Walsh and the feds, defending Colorado and its regulatory system in a professional yet assertive manner.

“I can see no legitimate basis in this judicial district to focus the resources of the United States government on the medical marijuana dispensaries that are otherwise compliant with Colorado law or local regulation,” Garnett wrote in the letter to Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh. “The people of Boulder County do not need Washington D.C. or the federal government dictating how far dispensaries should be from schools, or other fine points of local land-use law.” [Denver Post]

Garnett added that the DEA would be better served using its resources to combat greater evils, such as terrorism, organized crime, and more illicit drug trafficking. Will Garnett’s letter have any impact on the future of the medical marijuana industry in Colorado or will it simply it fall upon deaf ears?

Either way, I’m just glad someone had the balls to stand up to Mein Walsh and throw him a little taste of his own medicine.

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  1. nobody

    I recommend there be a law suite against the controlling party for misappropriation of funds and allowing our society to devolve into poverty.


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