INFOGRAPHIC: Top 25 Medical Marijuana Strains in March

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Weed - INFOGRAPHIC: Top 25 Medical Marijuana Strains in March

Ranked by number of grams sold, these are the 25 most popular medical marijuana strains for March. While Blue Dream again reaped the most money, more individual grams of Sour Diesel were purchased by medical marijuana patients last month. All in all, it appears that these two Sativas have separated themselves from the pack, as no other strain topped the $100,000 mark.

However, if you account for all the varieties of OG Kush that proliferate the shelves of collectives, odds are that the popular (especially in California) Indica dominant strain would be making a play for top honors. Additionally, the biggest riser this month was Durban Poison while Green Crack suffered the biggest drop in sales. As you can see, the medical marijuana industry is thriving in the face of recent adversity:

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What’s your favorite strain on this list?

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  1. Alex

    Good to see sour d on the top of the charts :) considering how hard it is to find in Colorado I thought it would be lower. I guess the other MMJ states are making up for it.

  2. Johnny 5

    Green Crack holding strong @ #23. A strain I recently tested and was pleased w/ its high-quality.

  3. Steve Cool

    Sour “D’s” that’s for me — you can keep the blue dream sativa stuff. When I want to elevate I looking for a freight train. Sour “D’s” my gal. :/

  4. green planet

    GDP is still the best and forever faithful. Ain’t that right folks?

  5. hamilton hihg

    the best i’ve ever had was hawian mowie wowie and i haven’t been able to find any since ’78 bummer, and my other is jamacian neither on the list. i’m 65 and smoked an oz a wk since the mid ’60 it kept me working and off other drug and drinking my whole life. maybe a little lsd? but now i’m older and in pain and i need medcan, go figure. i live in cal. so if anybody knows where you can get any e-mail me thanks and enjoy your life


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