What’s the Best Weed You’ve Ever Smoked?

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Weed - What’s the Best Weed You’ve Ever Smoked?

I’ve made it pretty clear that I feel the chronic of all chronic is real Sour Diesel.

What’s the best strain of cannabis you’ve ever smoked (if it had a name) and where did you find it?

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  1. Jeffrey Jones

    He must’ve gotten Alien OG from E.T. I’ve sampled some and that might be my #1. Wonder what Howard the Duck would bring?

  2. ScrogBetty

    I’m thinking it was some Big Sur Holy Weed. It was a cross between some African and a Sage strain. This was one of the more potent marijuana strains I have ever seen. It was a light green, sort of wispy bud’s. But wow it smell was danker than dank.

    Thanks to the Big Sur Marijuana Growers Union

  3. Darthos

    So far it’s been a lovely Blueberry Kush x Blue Dream. Tasted like a blueberry muffin, and 2 hits took nerve pain out and left a big smile. Crisp yet sticky nugs of tasty blue-green delight. Everything I owned smelled like blueberry for weeks. A real pleasure.

  4. hempster333

    they were called parklanes prerolled vietnamese smoke. they came in a pack that looked liked the old lucky strike cigs.it was hallucogenic

  5. Justin Khase

    Best I ever had was a strain called Fallbrook Red named after a city in Southern California. As red as its’ name and guaranteed to put your tits in the turf rookie or not.

  6. paul

    True story late seventies a plane was flying over south texas dumping bails of columbian red bud as it was beening chased by a dea plane this was the real deal and it was killer weed the high lasted for hours and the buds were great looking i hab never seen anything like this before or since.


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