Monthly Archives:: June 2012

  1. Joint-with-crutch

    Author: Monterey Bud Every “How To Roll A Joint” manual tells you to start off with all the materials you need to complete the job, and this is no different. What you will need: Herb – Use whatever kind you like to roll up. If you use buds you will need to grind the weed… Read more »

  2. Marijuana-or-Booze

    As the debate between which is less harmful for the individual, thereby less harmful for society rages on between marijuana and alcohol. I was forced to ponder if there was some way of noting the different levels of toxicity it would take to make the person parish if one was to over consume of either… Read more »

  3. K2-Spice

    30 years have passed and the United States has employed a ‘war on drugs’ that has only filled prisons and skeptical public safety advantages. Imprisoning so many individuals for low-degree drug possessions with a variety of counterproductive repercussions will discourage the evolution of our society. A curse has been inflicted on the lives of many… Read more »

  4. LukeMMJPatient

    Luke – an incredibly brave 18 year-old medical marijuana patient in California, who has been suffering from a rare genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) his entire life. This rare and extremely painful condition causes his skin to blister and split with slightest interaction. Luke has to endure a regular painful hand and throat… Read more »

  5. Potluck

    Potluck – a dank Humboldt based hip hop duo, straight from marijuana’s center of the universe has cultivated a strong base within the weed community. The homegrown rappers consists of; Underrated, and  1 Ton. Potluck currently finds themselves neck deep in KGB, as they keep adding dates to their smoking tour. Potluck now signed with… Read more »

  6. Stupid-is-as-stupid-does

    As we see an American society that runs rampant with truly horrific drugs, we still find ourselves saddled with a bloated, old-school mentality lodged firmly in the White House. It seems that they would rather hunt down the slow moving, easy targets of the marijuana population, rather than concentrating on going after drugs in our… Read more »

  7. Pot-Hypocrisy

    As the American public screams for logic regarding marijuana laws in the U.S., and the New York State Senate turns its back-fat on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s most recent plead for sanity regarding the decriminalization for minor sums of weed. It looks like there is a new schmuck on the block. New Jersey’s small… Read more »

  8. Cannabis Law needs reform

    On August 17th, 2012 – A journey of historic proportions will blossom. The Weed Not Greed national tour will be unveiled to the medical marijuana community. This nation-wide tour will finally make a difference in the marijuana legalization movement. ‘Weed Not Greed’ will be touring throughout the states to cultivate visibility marijuana education and visibility… Read more »

  9. trcihome1

    Did you know that the unique smells (terpenes) that distinguish one strain of Cannabis from another actually work with or against the cannabinoids, (i.e. THC, CBD, CBGA,) to provide you the unique effects that differentiate one strain of herb from another?  Terpene molecules are the essences of all smells and the Cannabis plant produces terpenes,… Read more »

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