U.S. Drug Czar Lashes Out At Bosses Pot Policy

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Weed - U.S. Drug Czar Lashes Out At Bosses Pot Policy

“Marijuana is not medicine,” and that “We have a process in this country for developing medicines that’s world-renowned.”


It’s hard to sympathize with our current US Drug Czar- Mr. Gil Kerlikowske and his current state of depression. Picturing him alone, as he watches the Obama administration’s rightfully laissez-faire attitude towards the states of Washington and Colorado, allowing them to move forward on their recreational marijuana laws unobstructed. All while being relegated to some dark and forgotten corner – is almost enough to drive a sane man to drinking, or popping pills…or if he was smart – smoking a joint. But alas.. He’s not.

While Americans continue to overdose on DEA approved pills. The US Drug Czar has the ‘stones’ to stand before the American public and with a straight face – inform us that…

“Marijuana is not medicine,” and that “We have a process in this country for developing medicines that’s world-renowned.” Source

Yeah, and apparently incredibly lethal as well. Yet to the best of my knowledge no one has ever overdosed from marijuana, but some how pot’s the problem. The hypocritical deceit that this man passes off as scientific evidence is disingenuous at best, and if there is any real justice left in America, his thoughts, opinions and ideas will soon be relegated to the garbage can of history.

In a wide-ranging interview, Kerlikowske is — as always — asked first about marijuana. But he quickly moves into the meat of the drug debate present day: prescription pills like the oxycodone that serves as “hillbilly heroin” in areas where even methamphetamine might be seen as a reasonable alternative. This is a Canadian issue, as pills that are easy to crush up and snort, cook, and shoot were seized in Milwaukee, and they “almost certainly” came from Canada, the drug czar said.

Some want to take pity on Kerlikowske. He’s not in an enviable position. When he warns of the “patchwork” of conflicting state laws and reminds us that federal law still makes marijuana illegal, he sounds not unlike someone trying to chaperone a college party. The rules changed a long time ago; where have you been?

Strangely, Kerlikowske also drops debatable figures to Canadian media. Kerlikowske claims that drug war arrests have declined during the Obama Administration. While we can’t say why any data-driven police officer would offer incorrect numbers, by the FBI’s own statistics, drug crimes (aka “drug abuse violations”) still account for more arrests than any other crime. So he’s right: The White House hasn’t done a good job in reshaping the debate as a public health issue. There are far too many people in handcuffs for that.



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  1. ReeeferMann

    The U.S. Gov’t is sooo full of LIES, up to the late 40′s you could buy Ganja in a drug store, sears & roebuck.. Even Pres. Regan lied and destroyed documents that stated that the past studies on Ganja were full of LIES!!!!!! The U.S. Gov’t LIED to My Ancestors Why should they change!!!!

  2. Unbe Hagen

    Too many US Gov’t Patents are on the books (US Gov’t Patent 6630507 awarded OVER NINE YEARS to the USDHHS aka we the people for this numb skull to not be aware of the official scientific biological documented and US Gov’t Patented HEALTHFUL and $VALUABLE$ benefits of naturally occurring substances in marijuana. In view of this documented and patented EVIDENCE this guy needs to be UNEMPLOYED.


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