Are Potheads Obese? Dispelling Half-Baked Lies

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Weed - Are Potheads Obese? Dispelling Half-Baked Lies

Last November, after Washington and Colorado both won the right for their states residents to fire up recreational marijuana, as a means of relaxing. Colorado’s Gov. John Hickenlooper came out and told his states residence not to “break out Cheetos and Goldfish too quickly.” This comment was a not so veiled smear at the perception, that most pot smokers are slovenly, obese gluttons.

Being a stoner… That was born and raised in California – I can tell you that this misinformed characterization is far from accurate.

Dennis Romero – Yet another study (see this report from 2011) seems to support the idea that daily cannabis users don’t necessarily have more to love, even if they have more to toke:

The study “Metabolic Effects of Chronic Cannabis Smoking,” just published in the journalDiabetes Care, found that daily smokers had less of a particular kind of belly fat and took in the same amount of calories as their non-turned-on brethren.

Researchers looked at 30 people who smoked about 10 joints a day and compared them to 30 who did not.

They found that the weed aficionados did not have a higher caloric intake, though they did end up eating more carbs. According to a summary:


Informative video on marijuana weight loss and gain. Apparently this doctor is a golfer, so a Quick suggestion…Fast-forward to 1:30 unless you want to hear about the TCP golf course in Arizona…

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