Massachusetts Issues First Draft Of State Medical Marijuana Regulations

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Weed - Massachusetts Issues First Draft Of State Medical Marijuana Regulations

While it’s been a long tough road, medical pot has finally made it to the state of Massachusetts. At last, after much hand-wringing, the Massachusetts lawmakers are ready to unveil the regulations deemed necessary to govern their newest growth industry. Outlining specifically how Massachusetts will regulate the sales of medical pot, making sure the highly valued medicine stays out of the hands of the uninitiated.

Wellbeing and sanctuary seem to be a major part of the plan. That being said, within the first draft of Massachusetts regulations, lawmakers made it perfectly clear the state anticipates bumps along the road to greener pastures.

The Massachusetts department of public health, drafted regulations that will allow their residents with medical hardships to become licensed, and grow their own personal medical marijuana supply. The state’s department of public health will allow state residents to possess up to 10 ounces of medicinal weed, representing a personal 60 day supply.

As the new regulations currently outlined, Massachusetts plans on monitoring their comprehensive database on a regular basis. Keeping a watchful eye on the key players. Tracking the doctors recommendations, to the patient’s total marijuana consumption, to the number of pot plants cultivators produce.

Massachusetts will allow 35 nonprofit medical marijuana collectives to operate. In order to stay within compliance, the 35 collectives will need to sell directly to the states patients themselves… Absolutely no wholesale distribution will be allowed.

When asked how they felt about the new regulations, the Massachusetts medical society gave the new MMJ regulations an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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