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  1. uruguay flag

    Update: The vote still has to go to the Senate, as DPA reports…so we’ll see. And there you have it–Urugay has reportedly made history in becoming the world’s first fully legal cannabis country! Seemingly out of nowhere, murmurs of legalizationsprung from President Mujica. A week later, legalization is a reality for the small, South American country, where… Read more »

  2. uruguay legalize

    Just last week, Uruguay President Jose Mujica made a splash when he expressed his desire to legalize cannabis in his country–even though he “doesn’t know what it is.” But unlike most politicians making brash legalization claims, there is indeed a legitimate spark to Mujica’s blown smoke. And the legalization decision could come as soon as… Read more »

  3. know-your-cannabinoids

    HIV, the sinister little virus known to cause AIDS, is a sneaky little bug infamous for hiding deep within certain cell types. Hidden, it reproduces at a reduced rate and eventually becomes full-blown chronic inflammation, regardless of  most OTC prescription therapies. That was until recently when scientists at Temple University School of Medicine’s Department of… Read more »

  4. DEA-pays-San Diego-college-student-millions

    Parrt-time San Diego college student… and now thanks to the DEA – full-time millionaire – Daniel Chong has agreed to accept a cash settlement of $4.1 million. Daniels cash award is a punitive slap in the face of the San Diego contingency of the Drug Enforcement Agency after Daniel was arrested on 4.20.2012 in a… Read more »

  5. DC Marijuana

    We informed you that Kosher Kush would soon be hitting the nation’s capital, and that day has finally come, as Tacoma Wellness Center joins Capital City Care and the Metropolitan Wellness Center as Washington D.C.’s first three medical marijuana collective–now officially open for business. Yesterday, the first sale sale in the brief history of D.C.’s medical scene was… Read more »

  6. vote yes on F

    Hopefully… but probably not. In the “show me state” of Missouri, pro-pot voters and state representative, (D) Rory Ellinger, are preparing for the long hard battle to legalize recreational marijuana. The University City Democrat is looking to introduce a bill next session, which if passed would legalize marijuana in the state. Following the Colorado model,… Read more »

  7. BMW -i3-hemp-car

    Move over Nissan leaf… Heads up Chevrolet volt. BMWs highly anticipated new electric car, weighing in at just 2700 pounds is about to make a big hit on the eco-friendly car scene. The new BMW i3 will be utilizing hemp fibers in some rather unique ways – leading the way and further encouraging new commercial… Read more »

  8. Herojuana-Marijuana-Strain-Review

      Great offspring can come from some unsuspecting genetics… and Herojuana is a prime example that. Basic Info: With its biological father found growing in an inhospitable ditch in the backwoods of Kentucky, then crossbred with a California grown Afghanistan mother up in the Emerald triangle. This sometimes strange smelling strain packs a massive punch… Read more »

  9. violent arrests vs possession

    California–like its West Coast neighbors–is viewed as America’s marijuana mecca. It’s progressive cannabis policies have long made it the “wild, wild west” or “the promised land,” dependent upon your stance. Likewise, California has the country’s highest concentration of legal medical marijuana dispensaries. Yet, that still has not stopped its law enforcement from putting patients and… Read more »

  10. cannabinoids-in-medical-cannabis

    As anyone that has ever witnessed a loved one who suffers with cancer understands, pain mitigation and the never-ending search for new cancer treatments is incredibly important. So, it was with great fanfare that the Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota released their new study in the most recent issue… Read more »

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