Indiana: Hoosier State Senator Calls for Marijuana Decriminalization

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Weed - Indiana: Hoosier State Senator Calls for Marijuana Decriminalization

“When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

There are a handful of productive ways to govern, police, and control the populace within a freedom loving country, such as our own. Some like to use the law as a hammer – hoping to crush all the right people, who almost always have a competing financial interests of one form or another, while others choose a slightly more conciliatory path.

Meet Indiana State Sen. Karen Tallian, who also happens to be an attorney. It is her belief that as kids of the 60s, who grew up immersed in the marijuana culture and understand the plants flower to be a benign substance, have grown up and seized political power – and are now pushing to decriminalize marijuana.

And in Indiana, Sen. Tallian is leading the charge which embraces the idea that possession of small amounts of marijuana should in no way constitute a crime.

“It takes too much of a toll on the justice system… And accomplishes absolutely nothing – prohibition didn’t work, and this didn’t work, it’s time to get rid of it.”

The Indiana Senator would like her state to join the 14 others which have already decriminalized marijuana possession – where getting busted with a couple grams of chronic would lead to an infraction rather than a criminal misdemeanor. Resulting in a simple ticket, rather than rotting in jail and receiving a permanent blight on your criminal record.

To hear Randy Miller (Executive Director drug-free Marion County) discuss this topic du jour… One gets the idea he considers it a dangerous notion, bad mojo. Miller claims…

“Marijuana is not a benign drug.” Giving the analogy, “I’m not going to say marijuana is not the most dangerous drug out there… but that’s kind of like saying a small package of fries isn’t as unhealthy as the super-sized fries.”


Clearly in the minority opinion across the U.S., Mr. Miller joins the legions of political brutes and raving charlatans, disguised as publicly elected servants who have perpetuated this war against its own people.

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