New Research: Cannabinoids Mitigate Pain Related With Bone Cancer

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Weed - New Research: Cannabinoids Mitigate Pain Related With Bone Cancer

As anyone that has ever witnessed a loved one who suffers with cancer understands, pain mitigation and the never-ending search for new cancer treatments is incredibly important. So, it was with great fanfare that the Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota released their new study in the most recent issue of the Journal of neuroscience. As recreational marijuana consumption gets its moment in the ‘spotlight’ in Washington and Colorado, marijuana’s cannabinoids are being hailed as nothing short of a miracle drug in halting the pain most often associated with bone cancer.

“These results indicate that activation of either CB1 or CB2 receptors reduced the spontaneous activity of C-fiber nociceptors associated with tumor growth as well as their evoked responses”, states the study’s abstract, “Our results provide further evidence that activation of peripheral cannabinoid receptors may be a useful target for the treatment of cancer pain.”

As tens of thousands of Americans die annually from mixing over-the-counter prescription medications, the obvious potential for marijuana’s cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer pain seems like a rather obvious one. As one scientist stated; “Pain from cancer can be severe, difficult to treat, and greatly diminishes patients’ quality of life. It is therefore important to gain new information on the mechanisms of cancer pain and develop new treatment strategies.”


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