Durban Poison: Photos and Strain Review

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Weed - Durban Poison: Photos and Strain Review

Named after the South African port city of the same name where its genetics originated, Durban Poison is a popular Sativa known for its Serpentine-like quick high. Its purest form comes as close to a 100% Sativa as you’ll find in medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the world. Durban Poison makes a regular trip to the cannabis circuit podium, having won a 3rd place Sativa prize at San Francisco’s Cannabis Cup in 2010 (the Purple Lotus Patient Center’s variety). Unlike Walter White’s lethal meth, there is ironically most definitely no poison in Durban Poison–just a whole lot of THC that will put a pure Sativa bounce in your step.

Basic Info: Contrary to popular belief, the mainstream, dispensary ready Durban Poison isn’t really the kind that grows in the heart of Africa. It merely received its marijuana roots and genetics from that region. In reality, Durban Poison found outside of Africa is way more potent than its ancestor. And it was actually developed in the Bay Area in the 70s by breeders. They simply don’t make bud like this in African fields.

Photos of Durban Poison:

Affect: A Heisenberg-esque pure shot of sativa adrenaline, Durban Poison is perfect before you go hunting or surfing or skinny-dipping.

Scent: Durban Poison has a real funky funky stench to it, highlighted by a lemon-aniseed flavor and a very sweet licorice smell. If it’s got a more purplish tint to it (happens sometimes), its taste will be a little smoother.

Growth and Seed Info: Durban Poison is a really fast grower, checking in at a hearty 8-9 weeks flowering time. Durban is heavy-branching, robust and even in the worst summer she can produce stunning harvests of sparkling nuggets.

Tidbits: Durban Poison is very popular among outdoor growers cause of its user-friendly growth–and extremely high yield. But naturally, the indoor kind is the best kind.

Related Strains: Durban Diesel, Haze, Jack Herer.

Strain Showcase:

Strain Data

TYPE Sativa
INDICA/SATIVA % 0 / 100%
FLOWERING Photoperiod
CBD 3%
THC 8.6%
SEX Feminized, Regular

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