Former Narc Produces Pot Doc “Never Get Busted Again”

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Weed - Former Narc Produces Pot Doc “Never Get Busted Again”

I put it together years later, after I started smoking pot,” ~ Ex-DEA Narcotics Officer


Disgusted with his former life of ruining families and destroying futures – under the guise of honorable law enforcement. Former douche bag / DEA narcotics officer, Barry Cooper, has now switched teams. Deciding to fight on the side of righteous indignation, after witnessing firsthand the destruction of countless lives, the former Texas narcotics officer sat down to speak with the Huffington Post. Hoping to shed some light, explaining why he switched teams, and why he is now fighting the federal government and their war on drugs.



I put it together years later, after I started smoking pot,” he confessed. “You know, a lot of people report that the use of medication helps a person self-reflect. And, wow, the veil came off and then I started doing the real research for myself instead of believing the propaganda. And I cried for a year after I found out the truth and what I had been involved in.”

(As well you should…)

After ditching his ugly and hypocritical career of shoving lost souls, into repressive federal institutions, over ridiculous drug laws. Mr. Cooper decided it was time to pull back the curtain – and expose the dark underbelly of the DEA, what they look for…and how to outsmart them.

Covering most aspects of marijuana production, Barry has some great ideas– mixed in with some rather basic old-school concepts.

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