Oregon Germinates the Seeds of State Sanctioned Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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Weed - Oregon Germinates the Seeds of State Sanctioned Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

For all those Oregon medical marijuana patients waiting…to buy their dank OG Kush, or Fire Ogre, and other cannabinoid rich medicines from state sanctioned dispensaries – your wait is almost over. Yesterday Oregon state officials, made public, the members that will comprise a committee for the sole purpose of drafting rules and regulations for Oregon’s medical marijuana collectives. Currently a burgeoning new industry devoid of any state regulations.

“The committee, hand-picked by Tom Burns, who oversees the state’s pharmaceutical drug program, includes police, prosecutors, marijuana lobbyists, lawyers, advocates and dispensary operators. Their work will be closely watched by the state’s medical marijuana community, which has long sought retail access to cannabis.”

Hoping to have marijuana dispensary applications available by March 1, the Oregon Health Authority are currently in limbo – waiting for the state guidelines due for implementation by January 31, 2014.

Those critical of the current lack of oversight over Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries were pleased when Gov. John Kitzhaber signed HB 3460 on August 14, 2013, establishing a register for all would be medical marijuana operators.

“Today, I am signing enrolled house bill 3460, which authorizes the Oregon Health Authority to establish procedures to license and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. Nothing in this law protects the dispensaries, growers, caregivers or patients from federal prosecution. I have received many requests to veto this bill, but I am signing it after careful consultation with members of my staff as well as the director of the OHA. ” Source:

While the new registers’ ‘devil’ may be in the s sticky details, as yet to be hammered out by the OHA; one thing’s for certain. Safe access to quality medical marijuana is about to improve for the sick and suffering in Oregon.

What will Oregon Medical Marijuana look like once HP 3460 is fully implemented?

Q: How does the new law affect existing medical marijuana dispensaries – our existing collectives grandfathered into the state registry?

A: The Oregon health authority (OHA), the governing body for Oregon’s medical marijuana program, will announce their draft rules on March 2014 regarding; on-site security, marijuana quality testing, as well as other critical issues.

Q: What will my new state regulated medical cannabis cost?

A: This is America – dispensaries will be able to set their own prices. However, the cost of goods and doing business; rent, power, nutrients, grow medium, clones, processed marijuana, marketing, testing, security, distribution… And of course the transportation, will all rolled into the current price of recreational pot.

Q: Will medical marijuana cultivators be paid?

A: Absolutely. Dispensary owners may compensate state registered medical marijuana cultivators to offset the costs of doing business.

Q: Are these collectives and grow operations subject to state inspection?

A: Yes. At their discretion the OHA can perform snap inspections “at any reasonable time.”


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