Is The Grasshopper Vaporizer the Next Big Thing in the Vape World?

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Weed - Is The Grasshopper Vaporizer the Next Big Thing in the Vape World?

There’s too many vaporizers, and a painful lot of them share similarities and concepts. There’s copycats, there’s clones, and most of them just plain break. We’ve got a few we prefer (the CloudPen and the OPen come to mind for concentrates, the Pax for herb), but there’s always room for technological advancements in this field.

And The Grasshopper┬ásimply looks like the real deal. While no one can try this dry herb (weed, not wax) vaporizer just yet, it’s got the type of design, engineering, and specs that lead you to believe it just might work–and work really, really well.

That’s all next level.

The folks at Grasshopper promise “oh yeah, it works” and the device claims to be everything the connoisseur would want in a modern dispensary: hell, it looks like a pocket pen, and even fits in your pocket like one! Discreet, classy, sleek, and built by a group of North Carolina-based engineers, it’s something your mom and dad wouldn’t in a million years take for a vaporizer. I

And the stoners are taking notice. Their Indiegogo Campaign (you can pre-order The Grasshopper) is about to surpass its $100,000 goal (over $90K already), which means these vaporizers will soon go into production, and soon be in consumers hands.

If a portable vaporizer that works nearly as well as a Volcano is something you desire, The Grasshopper appears to be the answer. The company’s product video shows it all, in full detail:


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  1. Gerald Rhodes

    Really have my hopes high (no pun intended) for this marvelous device , can’ t wait to finally have mine in my hand and try it out !

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  3. Buzz Danklin

    I can’t wait for this to come out! So far, my favorite portable is the Pax. But if the Grasshopper works like its supposed to, I think this might be the new best portable vaporizer.


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