CNN Report: Marijuana A ‘Bigger Problem’ Than Alcohol or Weapons for Colorado Teens!?

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Weed - CNN Report: Marijuana A ‘Bigger Problem’ Than Alcohol or Weapons for Colorado Teens!?

Propaganda, lies, and BS. Just hours after recreational pot use became legal in the state of Colorado, a CNN reporter, Ana Cabrera, was sent to Denver searching for some new half baked disinformation to spew forth as fact… and she did not disappoint: while some high school students smoke pot — probably a lot of it (as it’s safer than drinking booze, or popping pills) — the uninformed are fearful that the states teenagers are “finding ways to get their hands on” legal mile high chronic.

Accepting the word of a kid as an expert, CNN reported that one high school senior thinks “9 out of 10″ of his school buds have smoked pot in the past. Another student claimed, “Most of my friends use it” as “it’s not a harmful drug, like…meth or whatever.” While yet another qualified high school source claimed, “There’s a bunch of people who come to this school high.”

CNN’s Cabrera described how marijuana is currently the number one substance getting Colorado teens kicked out school, which she said made it “a bigger problem than alcohol, disobedience or weapons violations.” Never mind the onslaught of deaths caused by rampant gun violence, or prescription pill addiction in Colorado, weed is the real problem.

Cabrera talked with one 18-year-old “recovering addict” that claimed to have been put in the slammer 10 times in the past four years – all for marijuana-related offenses – one time was simply for the possession of “paraphernalia.”

“That’s where all my problems started with weed, I guess,” Chris Collins told Cabrera, adding that all he got from the drug was “bad grades and trouble.”

While some research shows that marijuana is more harmful to the adolescent brain than it is to adults… it is also conceivable that Chris’s ten trips to jail for pot may have done more damage to his future prospects than smoking weed ever could have.

CNN’s story is a lopsided hit piece, minus any voices from the pro-marijuana side of the issue. By objectively calling pot smoking a “bigger problem” than alcohol and weapons – without taking into account consequences beyond disciplinary action – CNN is simply fueling national skepticism about Colorado’s groundbreaking new law. In a state that has permitted the killing of it’s young so the ‘Good Ol Boy’s’ can clutch their guns and continue to feel safe against imaginary enemies, CNN’s story comes across as patently absurd.

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  1. usaman

    “In a state that has permitted the killing of it’s young so the Good Ol’ Boys can clutch their guns and continue to feel safe against imaginary enemies, CNN’s story comes across as patently absurd.”

    - – -

    The right to bear arms is actually part of the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Just because we’re promoting the right to exercise one specific form of freedom, doesn’t mean we should shit all over everyone else’s.

  2. Surfacing9

    That report was the most one-sided 1950′s bag of cliches about marijuana I’ve ever seen. Newsflash, teens smoke pot in every single state and can get it as easily where it’s illegal for everyone already. Where is the teen who drank/got a liver disease/killed someone so let’s ban all alcohol again segment? Both sides of the story? A hack job straight from Reefer Madness. Whoever put this together has obviously never heard of William Randolph Hearst of Harry Anslinger and their role in the lies and myths that have perpetuated this war on drugs (but pot mainly..and Nixon’s role of suppressing government reports recommending decriminalization in the 1970s). So many people who bought that crap bought into the 1980s Just Say No crap too. It’s so Leave it To Beaver way of problem solving. If we paint this as bad forever and keep painting it that way, people will think it IS that way. Fact is, more people in this country would agree with me this piece is an embarrassment to journalism. Hack job! Also, pot does not cause acne as it clip might associate negative imagery like that like he’s a meth head or something, but really this is what pot led him to be like and even look like. It’s not physically addicting. Fact. Period. Psychological addiction is possible, but “I can’t physically quit because of a chemical dependency in the pot” is flat out false. Doesn’t matter how much THC is in the weed….it doesn’t change the nature of it’s interaction with your chemistry. A non-physically addictive substance doesn’t become one simply by quantity. Completely illogical association. It means you smoke less of it..or you go to sleep or eat more than you should. If you mix it with other substances and then blame it on pot……that’s your bad. CNN should issue an apology for this hit job.

  3. bongstar420

    Any culture can highlight any competition as danger to it and that is what these people mean in reality- it is a threat to their way of life. Alcohol is prohibited in the middle east and yet a plant called Catha edulis which produces amphetamine like compounds is legal. Consequently, Catha edulis was promptly outlawed in the United States as soon as the it’s authorities discovered a that new drug plant from a competing culture was making its way over their boarders. Furthermore, the imperial conquest of the world’s indigenous cultures resulted in the criminalization of many other drug plants that posed a threat to their system and all those indigenous cultures had/have drug prohibitions that are mostly based on competing cultures not on actual empirical health concerns. The dangers of drug consumption is a strategy prohibitionists (cultural leaders) employ to get support for less ideologically/culturally/traditionally driven folk. Many perceived aspects of drug cultures are not directly the result of drug consumption such as with contemporary coke and meth addicts- their behavior is culturally driven and the drugs produce feedback depending on the environment. Overusage is mostly a genetic problem that exists as a blind drive mechanism in evolutionary terms (addictive personalities are more driven to look for more stuff, find it, and have intercourse while doing it under our ancestral conditions) if it is not being culturally driven.


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