Fresno County Board of Supervisors Fire Up Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ban

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Weed - Fresno County Board of Supervisors Fire Up Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ban

Deaf, dumb, and blind to the national trend of medical marijuana acceptance, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors feel California’s prop 215 and SB 420 are little more than a bad joke – which don’t need to be followed – and has fired up a ban on medical marijuana cultivation in unincorporated Fresno County starting February, 2014. Despite the fact that SB 420 prohibits the provisions of law making unlawful the possession or cultivation of marijuana from applying to a patient,” the Fresno County Board of Supervisors feel as though they are above the law.

Over the loud and boisterous criticisms of Fresno’s medical marijuana users, the County Board of Supervisors yesterday fired up an ill-conceived ban on all medical marijuana growing in the county’s unincorporated areas starting next month.

Unfortunately for Fresno’s medical marijuana patients the financial stakes couldn’t be higher, as the ban includes fines of $1,000 per plant.

According to reports from the Fresno Bee: “The 5-0 vote by supervisors also adds a fine of $100 per plant for each day plants remain after the initial discovery. Violations of the public nuisance ordinance would spark misdemeanor financial penalties.”

Highlighting the hypocrisy of this move, Joe Elford, a San Francisco medical marijuana lawyer, noted that Fresno would be the first County in California to outright ban medical marijuana growing.

“You are speaking about a significant number of people who will be negatively affected,” Elford said. “It clearly goes against what California voters intended.”

Unfortunately, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors has ripped a page from the Kern County playbook, one that limits medical marijuana patients to the cultivation of 12 marijuana plants – then took it up a notch – when they learned that Live Oak, a city on the outskirts of Sacramento, banned medical marijuana cultivation altogether.


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  1. mark scotty

    There were 20 violent episodes concerning marijuana grows last year. Some involved fatalities. Marijuana is a prime target for theft because of its high street value, which is where most of the larger grows target their sales. I have a property which is neighbored by a property with a 99 plant grow. They use my access road, 8+ times per day and tear the hell out of it. To get to their property they have to pass by my house. I live in fear of my family being hurt or killed by someone after their plants. At harvest time they bring a band of vagabonds onto the property who act very uncomfortable (they know the danger, themselves). This marijuana is not being grown for medical reasons! I have no personal problem with marijuana, period. I do have a problem with crime and public nuisance which is what is being created due to unclear laws. Let’s get real. Most of the marijuana being grown in Fresno does not got to medical use. It goes to street sales (again, I have no problem with use). Those street sales are illegal so they demand high prices. Prohibition drives up prices and crime. THAT is the world I live in. This is not a simple issue. Total legalization is the only answer. The free market would put these goons out of business as prices tumble. Of course, legalization will bring state control and taxation, a bad but better outcome.


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