Weed Beef “Reef” Jerky Exists, Looks Amazing

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Weed - Weed Beef “Reef” Jerky Exists, Looks Amazing

In the past year, we’ve seen the medible game evolve into a sometime gourmet and a creative market. We’ve seen everything from medicated Nutella to medicated Cake Pops. We’ve even seen a butcher feed his pigs with weed.

But now, there’s an actual edible for the stoned-carnivore: medicated Beef Jerky. While there’s not much available on the product, it’s produced by Badfish Extracts in Santa Cruz, according to SC Labs.

It’s hard to tell how Grade A these Reef Jerkys are, or just how medicated a slice of beef is. But it sure does look like some delicious cured meat. If you’ve tried the product or know of other Beef Jerky weed products out there, drop a line in the comments.

Unfortunately, the Macho Man is no longer with us to provide the Slim Jim-weed commercial (you know it’d be a Sativa) we all deserve and need.

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