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  1. wailers-present

    While last year’s 25th Annual Cannabis Cup had its highs…and lows, suffering political uncertainty that shook the Dutch coffee shop community to its roots; one could easy dismiss Amsterdam’s High Times event as obsolete – think Colorado. However, Amsterdam’s coffee shops are still thriving, cultivating new clients on a daily basis and are as important… Read more »

  2. method_man_and_redman-fire up 2013 WeedMaps The Clinc  HT VIP Party

    The show was packed and the crowd ready to party.  After a long and glorious day of  smoking dank dabs, Snoop sized blunts, and rejoicing over the liberalization [at least in two states] of the cannabis plant. The Denver 420 crowd was elevated and ready to kick off a chronic evening of smoke filled celebrations. Method… Read more »

  3. Denver Chamber of Commerce-upset at pot ad

    420 nation, our time is almost at hand. In the history of our weed loving country – this 4.20 … 2013, in Denver Colorado – will go down in the annals of the marijuana legalization movement as a day of joy and celebration. – Long overdue and well deserved. As I began to pack for… Read more »

  4. Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.48.53 AM

    So you were lucky enough to purchase your tickets to the first EVER recreational High times Cannabis cup held in the US. Congratulations. Now what? Where to go and what to do – at the 2013 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup The Chronic Schedule Saturday, April 20th 12 p.m. – Cannabis Cup doors open at Exdo 6:30 p.m…. Read more »

  5. Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.30.55 AM

    Yesterday – ‘Green’ was a very popular color in Austin Texas. Not only was it St. Patrick’s Day, it was also the last day of  the “South by Southwest Music Festival,” in the soulful little Texas town, that sits on the banks of the winding Colorado river.  As the SXSW show came to its inevitable… Read more »

  6. Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 7.38.27 AM

    How long have you been waiting to smoke weed with like minded people…free from fear, in a welcoming environment. Well, 4.20.2013 is almost here…and Colorado is open for business. Join the 420 community as they celebrate the country’s 1st legal ‘marijuana day’ — 4.20.2013. Enjoy this historic moment in time with your best bud’s… on… Read more »

  7. tobacco_road_event

    By Victor Gonzalez Reefer Madness Comes to Tobacco Road Blanche was simply playing the piano cartoonishly fast to soothe Ralph’s mind. But when Jack showed up unexpectedly, Ralph lost his shit and killed the man. The police arrived shortly thereafter and arrested him, Blanche, and their pot dealer, Mae. Before she could testify, however, Blanche went mad… Read more »

  8. Join-Tommy

      Tommy Chong is a lot of things – to a lot of people. For some he was the first comedian to make the American public question their own government’s rationale over its contrived and costly marijuana prohibition. For others he was the old man Stoner “Leo”, that would often join the smoke circle on… Read more »

  9. 001_MainMenu

    As our high-tech world keeps us in touch – in addition to entertained and informed; More and more companies are attempting to launch their own apps on Apple’s iPhone as well as other mobile devices. Some apps are geared towards being helpful, while others are just meant to be fun. Despite the fact that Steve… Read more »

  10. GaGa-Pro-Marijuana

    As Amsterdam’s weed pass comes closer to being a reality visiting popstar Lady Gaga fired up a fat joint and her most recent concert, informing the crowd that she had cut down on her booze consumption preferring to smoke the wonderful strains of marijuana that are now readily available to her. While she has made… Read more »

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