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    God Bless America! Oh how the times have changed! No loner a social pariah, medical marijuana collectives are now (apparently) a hub for the entrepreneurial sprit. In one of the more brazen displays of balls to wall capitalism, a Girl Scout Ambassador in California was noticed slinging her  ”Girl Scout Cookies” (GSC) outside a San Francisco medical marijuana… Read more »

  2. Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.29.59 AM

    Regardless of what you call weed, marijuana is now big business! As the new cash crop of marijuana capitalist rush to qualify for state licensing and accreditation, many find themselves engaged in the mundane activities of securing brick and mortar locations, while others seek VC financing, and some argue over branding and trademarks. Meanwhile, others are buying up every url that surounds the… Read more »

  3. Anaheim-Boomerang-Lounge-Cover

    It’s Friday, the week is almost over – and you need a new place to relax… Medical marijuana patients who remember Santa Anna’s California patients Association (CPA) and Chubbs – the owner – remember their top shelf medicinal strains. Well, Chubbs has just completed the construction of his brand-new establishment, The Boomerang Lounge in Anaheim… Read more »

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    The cultivation of an American industry: cannabis prohibition begins to diehard as investor’s fire up interest. This week in Denver Colorado the ArcView group managed to germinate more than $1 million of marijuana VC money. That’s right – entrepreneurs and Big money power mongers alike flocked to Denver Colorado over the past week, searching for… Read more »

  5. guptakush

    Gupta Kush did not last long on the shelves of Boulder’s Helping Hand Herbals. The Sanjay Gupta x CNN inspired strain made wavelengths when we reported the new addition to its medical marijuana shelves last last week. But, predictably, CNN issued a cease and desist telephone call to the dispensary’s owner, asking that Gupta Kush bre… Read more »

  6. pot farm

    WeedMaps’ founder and CEO Justin Hartfield spoke to Yahoo Finance! recently, explaining the impetus for his cannabis farmer’s market campaign in Boulder that has garnered widespread support on SimpleGov. The request for political action in Boulder has already gained over 1,200 local supporters, caused a positive stir amongst activists, and been covered by both mainstream and local… Read more »

  7. BMW -i3-hemp-car

    Move over Nissan leaf… Heads up Chevrolet volt. BMWs highly anticipated new electric car, weighing in at just 2700 pounds is about to make a big hit on the eco-friendly car scene. The new BMW i3 will be utilizing hemp fibers in some rather unique ways – leading the way and further encouraging new commercial… Read more »

  8. champs-420-trade-show-crowd

    Never heard of the CHAMPS trade show before? Well, it’s a business-to-business industry-only wholesale trade show for the 420 world. Featuring contemporary smoking accessories and associated products from around the country. As July heats up the LV strip, so too will the CHAMPS Trade Show. Regardless of your intention– whether exhibiting some of your finest… Read more »

  9. life-insurance-for-pot-smokers

    Life can be stressful. Filled with unforeseen dangers, obstacles, and challenges. I’m pretty sure this is why so many of us smoke pot to relax. Yet, the very substance that we use to ‘chill out’ is causing many consternation, fear, and worry over obtaining a safety net for their family – Life insurance. In the… Read more »

  10. medical-marijuana

    …then it’s off to Gov. Brian Sandoval for his signature As Nevada inches ever closer to creating a state regulated medical marijuana system for the purpose of overseeing the production and distribution of medical marijuana in the silver state, they find themselves in good company; joining the likes of Rhode Island, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maine,… Read more »

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