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    “The cut-off level for a positive test has been increased for the Sochi Games, allowing for some recreational use prior to the Olympics.” Most appreciated… It’s long been understood that many Olympic officials enjoy the hunt for cheating athletes, and take great pride in cracking down on any Olympian who might seek to gain advantage… Read more »

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     “The history of war is the history of drugs. Every great general and warrior from the beginning of time was high.” ~ ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson Yeah, while I’m not so sure about Mike’s claim of “Every great general and warrior” being high – It seems like a relatively safe bet that they weren’t high on Coke and… Read more »

  3. David Kosmecki, Justin Klitch

    As the marijuana legalization discussion continues to cultivate strong support in poll after poll – the never-ending debate rages on – how high is too high to drive? With just north of 40% of the states in the US having medical marijuana laws, this is the chronic question which many have been trying to answer…. Read more »

  4. UFC Increases THC Threshold

    UFC To Increase Positive Threshold For Marijuana Metabolites To 150 ng/mL Slowly, like a punch drunk fighter…MMA’s UFC is starting to wake up and smell the pungent reality surrounding marijuana consumption. While it may be to late for Matt Riddle, Nick Diaz and Pat Healey, the UFC’s recent decision to modify its marijuana testing threshold will keep… Read more »

  5. Hi-Tech-Workers

    I hate to break it to all of the uptight suits in the world…but the demographics are changing. Our country and perhaps a large majority of world have just passed the proverbial ‘fork in the road’ and people are “over it”. The truth has been exposed; weed is better than booze and everybody knows it…. Read more »

  6. NCAA-Pot-players

    Phillip Smith the NCAA could see a spike in one-year suspensions for pot as the new, tighter threshold goes into effect     The NCAA is reducing the threshold for a positive result for marijuana, meaning that student athletes who smoke pot are more likely to be caught. At the same time, however, it is… Read more »

  7. payload

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is moving forward with a new regulation that will create a national database for drug and alcohol test results     As states across the U.S. are relaxing their marijuana restrictions for both medical and recreational purposes, that should not be taken as a green light for truck… Read more »

  8. Per-Se-DUID-Laws

      Paul Armentano | NORML | Deputy Director   Initiative 502, which legalizes the private use and retail sale of cannabis to adults, but also imposes a 5ng/ml THC/blood per se limit for drivers over the age of 21 The imposition of so-called per se drugged driving laws, which create new traffic safety violations for… Read more »

  9. marijuana-THC-drug-tests-DUID-facts-you-should-know

    Don’t assume anything! The best way to truly establish the level of THC in your blood is to test yourself.   With the potential for job loss based on recreational marijuana consumption or the much dreaded DUID, now a real possibility. It’s important to understand the various drug testing methods deployed by potential employers or… Read more »

  10. NickDiazUFC

    MMA fighter Nick Diaz, and UFC President Dana White don’t agree on much. That being said, one of the few things they can agree on is that MMA fighters who smoke marijuana and end up getting popped for their indiscretion, should be given penalties that are more befitting the “crime,” particularly when marijuana is being… Read more »

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