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  1. top shelf

    Photo by Gil Weedmaps Hash is no longer just something high school kids make in their basement with keif and their mom’s ironing board. The Hash Movement has escalated well beyond the mass-produced hashish of the Rif Mountains in Morocco and the full-melt bubble hash era of the 90s. Throughout the last two-three years, Hash… Read more »

  2. uruguay legalize

    Just last week, Uruguay President Jose Mujica made a splash when he expressed his desire to legalize cannabis in his country–even though he “doesn’t know what it is.” But unlike most politicians making brash legalization claims, there is indeed a legitimate spark to Mujica’s blown smoke. And the legalization decision could come as soon as… Read more »

  3. B-Real and Gil Cloud Penz

    Cypress Hill’s B-Real of B-Real TV joins Gil as they take you through the “Do’s and Dont’s’” on how to properly use and enhance your next Cloud Penz experience. Haven’t watched B-Real TV? Begin your journey into nonstop awesomeness now at! Use your own medicine. 4inch design for easy & discreat portability. No cartridge… Read more »

  4. 420_chicks_bongs

    If you like looking at girls that like to get smoke weed and high, you’ll like this.

  5. 4-states-legalize-marijuana

    While the administration and congress squander valuable time on manufactured problems (think sequestration). States across the U.S., from Oregon to Florida are getting ready to fire up their battle against ignorance. Hoping to join the group of ‘green states’, politicians from Florida, Idaho, Maine and Oregon are all germinating marijuana legislation for their constituents who… Read more »

  6. Michigan-medical-marijuana-patient

    Yet the Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, thinks all medical marijuana is just a pile of B.S.   When Vaughn thinks of medical marijuana, her predominate thought is that this miracle plant has given her life meaning again. After suffering from grand mal seizure like symptoms for the past four years, and trying all the… Read more »

  7. SD-MMJ-Delivery

     By Tony Shin and R. Stickney FBI agents in San Diego are shifting focus from closing down medical marijuana dispensaries to cracking down on marijuana delivery services. The services called mobile dispensary agents advertise in the back of magazines and newspapers as a way for medicinal marijuana users to get their pot delivered. William Sherman… Read more »

  8. Washington-pot-bills

    Washington state politicians have taken another quantum leap forward, safeguarding and protecting their states marijuana consumers  from unjust arrest, seizure and prosecution based on an individual’s ability to possess or cultivate nature’s gift… pot. The Washington state health committee then took it one step further, by giving the ‘thumbs-up’ to a measure which would remove… Read more »

  9. California-marijuana-DUI D-bill

    Sen. Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) believes that medical marijuana is low rent trade; a seedy world filled with misfits and bad drivers…and is desperately searching for that polarizing issue to help him succeed the current California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris in 2018. Despite the mountain of evidence showing that driving while intoxicated from marijuana and… Read more »

  10. HTCC-Glendale-2013

    After a busy Saturday of ‘learning and burning’, Join Redman and The Game as they smoke through their sets, blowing ‘fat trees’ from center stage   Yep – the HIGH TIMES Med Can Cup is back in town…while it was supposed to be held in Los Angeles for the second consecutive year, it turns out… Read more »

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