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  1. Bad-Logic-Big-Sky

    This scream for justice is aimed directly at our Commander-in-Chief as they have taken his cause to the Internet, in the form of online petitions filed with the White House It was just six a clock in the morning when my phone rang. I blankly stared at it for a brief few seconds, snatching the… Read more »

  2. Happy-t-day

    Today is the day set aside by Americans for us to give thanks for the many blessings which we find so readily accessible within this country. I for one, thoroughly enjoy turkey day…smoking weed to my heart’s content, stuffing my face with food, while surrounded with family, fun, and of course the obligatory Cowboys v…. Read more »

  3. POT-is-Good

    Obviously Mr. Yans’ proclamation that Washington and Oregon should return to a failed and moronic policy was greeted with varying degrees of anger, frustration and straight up hostility… Raymond Yans – unfortunately, is the man in charge of the United Nations “War on drugs” (why are they even involved). Apparently Mr. Yans seems a little… Read more »

  4. first-collective-approved

    This Glendale Arizona approval for a marijuana dispensary represents a quantum leap forward for Arizona as this represents the first license issued in the State.     Good things come to those who work hard… and wait. This just in from Arizona. Arizona’s health services department director just returned from a field inspection for a… Read more »

  5. Medo

    One of the more glaring omissions for sensible marijuana laws along the Eastern front of the marijuana war… would have to be that of New York State. Sure, one or two practical politicians have stood up and spoken the truth, only to be shot down by those that faced the recent guillotine of the November… Read more »

  6. Whos-next-2

    “We are passing the tipping point when it comes to this issue…Unfortunately, lawmakers have traditionally been behind public opinion when it comes to marijuana policy reform.“ — Bob Capecci   Spurred on by  – or jealous of the Election Day outcome, the newly emboldened State legislators from Rhode Island and Maine announced on Thursday via… Read more »

  7. AL-Med-Pot

    November has finally arrived and the fat lady has sung…at least for Washington and Colorado. Some may have seen the historical vote as an anomaly, those in Alabama seeking approval for the use of medicinal cannabis would disagree. Today, advocates eagerly await their long anticipated day in front of the state legislative committee on the… Read more »

  8. CW-6

    Ironically – the end result of Mr. Williams absolute compliance of all local marijuana laws is that may spend the next 80 years of his life rotting in the very for-profit prison system that benefits from marijuana’s prohibition.   The atmosphere surrounding the conflict between medical marijuana states and the federal prohibition of ‘pot’  is… Read more »

  9. Dixie-elixir's-dew-drops

      Dixie Elixir’s hemp derived CBD pain relief…  utilizing an exclusive extraction procedure and a specific strain of high percentage CBD hemp cultivated in a discrete, remote location, Colorado’s Dixie elixir’s and edibles now offer a new product line called Dixie X, which contains 0% THC and up to 500 mg of CBD. This new… Read more »

  10. smoke-the-vote-2012

     “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”  –Thomas Jefferson   Tomorrow evening – as the sun sets on Election Day 2012- The landscape of Marijuana’s much maligned status will quite possibly have transformed, throwing off the shackles of repressive ignorance, and awaking from the national nightmare…marijuana… Read more »

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