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  1. greenhand2

    (or a blunt disguised as a Pit Bull) Joint rolling has been transformed into an art form over the last year. Leading the creative rolling revolution is Tony Greenhand, the “Russell Wilson of rolling.” Tony has gained a cult following thanks to his extensive artistry artistry, as he’s rolled everything from an X-Wing (Star Wars)… Read more »

  2. mapofweed2

    The above map shows all the difference states (and even countries) that people travelled from to visit Colorado this New Year and purchase legal, recreational cannabis in just two weeks. As you can see, nearly every state–from Alaska to New York to Hawaii to Texas came through. Visitors from countries came from Canada to South… Read more »

  3. gupta cover

    Marijuana Legalization has arrived in the United States (or will in two days)–and it’s here to stay. We have many people to thank for this, and Sanjay Gupta is not one of them. Still, even though Gupta and CNN’s documentary aired eight months after Colorado and Washington’s historical moves, the profound effect the Gupta and… Read more »

  4. weed music

    2013 was a great year for music. The robots came back. Miley Cyrus twerked.  Yeezus did something crazy aside from having a kid with Kim Kardashian. And Weedmaps favorite Action Bronson cooked up a storm.  Without question, many of 2013′s albums were shaped with weed, as many of our favorite artists use cannabis for its many… Read more »

  5. potkes

    A lot of the Weedmaps/ crew have Jewish roots that we’re all proud of and they help us continually keep our Kush Kosher. This Hannukah is a special, rare one, as it coincided with Thanksgiving and the world’s calling it “Thanksgivingukuh. Not only do we get Matzo Ball Soup and Hamintashan–we get Turducken too! To… Read more »

  6. weedmaps halloween’s big brother Weedmaps threw its first ever “Halloweed Costume Contest” earlier this month. The rules were simple: dress up in a weed-related costume, be creative, and send us the picture along with verification. The best costumes would all win a CloudPen, $42.00 to Grassroots California, and Weedmaps Swag. Plus two grand prize winners. Weedmaps’ panel… Read more »

  7. 157be69042a311e3a5b3123139272901_8

    CBD is for everyone! It’s been exactly 20 years since Cheech & Chong’s last feature length film, but the dynamic duo’s star has not faded even a little bit–at least amongst stoners. To celebrate Halloween, Tommy Chong threw a contest, telling his fans to dress up as him for Halloween, hashtag it #Tommy4Halloween, and that… Read more »

  8. denver nugs photoshop

    The NBA doesn’t test for marijuana in the offseason for a good reason: approximately 90% of the NBA’s players smoke cannabis on a regular basis. The other 10% either went to BYU (Jimmer!) or were born in Europe. While we’re relatively certain we could make a convincing argument for over half the league based on… Read more »

  9. GTA Photoshop weedmaps

    Grand Theft Auto V takes place in the fictional “Los Santos,” which is quite obviously a virtual clone of Los Angeles. The game is a phenomenal work of realism by Rockstar Games, as they capture the city’s magnitude–its beauty, warts, and underground crime–in accurate fashion. From the Venice Beach boardwalk to downtown’s Skid Row to… Read more »

  10. pot mom

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Being a parent is stressful. Ask mine, ask yours, ask Kanye and Kim. Ask anyone with kids and they’ll all agree. So it’s no surprise–and not necessarily morally wrong–when parents seek an outlet to alleviate the everyday stress that inherently comes with raising… Read more »

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