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    A lot of the stigma against dabbing (probably justly) comes from the torch. It’s cumbersome, it’s scary to some, and it looks like a welding device. Cause it’s a freaking torch. Most of that hysteria is misplaced–you need to reach a certain heat to light up dabs–but it’s not exactly something stoners want to be… Read more »

  2. Chess-Pieces-A-Book-By-Hitman-Glass-6

    Doug from Hitman Glass began buying for and managing a local head shop in Boston called “the joint.” This was the catalyst for Doug; meeting all the artists he looked up to and collected. He met Steve Bates, and began buying glass from and his friends, and quickly realized the potential of his designs. As… Read more »

  3. Moderen-oil-rigs

    The mini oil rig is a creation within the glass art world, combining beautiful functionality with impressive glass art, all contained within an incredibly mobile piece. Perfectly sized for fitting into the palm of your hand, these impressively designed mini bubblers generally stand anywhere between 3 to 12 inches in height. One of the beautiful… Read more »

  4. Pure-Bong-3

    Pure Glass from SmokeTower.CA Contest Rules Below Today’s contest is brought to us by SmokeTower.CA – This afternoon we are starting our “Show Some Class, Use Better Glass” contest. This tall, slender, yet stable piece; is a six  percolator,  2 x 3 fingered beaker bong. A sweet piece that features an 18mm clear glass neck… Read more »

  5. Screen shot 2012-05-09 at 12.06.33 PM

    The bongs on display at Vegas’ Big Industry Show are a smorgasbord of awesomeness that will melt your face.

  6. main

    This is what a 30,000 dollar bong looks like.

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