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  1. marijuana growers insurance

    by Kelley L. Allen A niche market for insuring the production of medical marijuana seems to have sprouted…   As the growing numbers of states that allow medicinal cannabis use have cultivated a strong following since the beginning of 2006, the reluctant and slow to follow health insurance companies still refuse to cover the medicinal… Read more »

  2. can I fly with my medical marijuana

    walking the tightrope between accepting state laws, and the feds prohibition against pot.   Thanks to the seemingly never-ending gray area of marijuana possession and airport security, in conjunction with the fact that Washington and Colorado just recently legalized recreational marijuana consumption, some might wonder how the TSA feels about this potentially contentious topic of… Read more »

  3. Porn-grow

    Everyone but the Fed’s understand that hundreds of homes in the porn capital of the world are used as marijuana cultivation sites. Deep in the San Fernando Valley sits a non-descript warehouse, identical in appearance to those all around, with one not so small exception – hidden within this plane looking industrial structure are rows… Read more »

  4. marijuana-storage-containers airtight-

    With the upcoming Kush Expo event this weekend at LA Center Studios, be sure to check out the demonstration of the amazing technology developed by CVault, that goes into helping cure & store the crops you cultivate  and the expensive medicine that you purchase.  On behalf of the CVault, Terra Holistic, a collective out of… Read more »

  5. 001_MainMenu

    As our high-tech world keeps us in touch – in addition to entertained and informed; More and more companies are attempting to launch their own apps on Apple’s iPhone as well as other mobile devices. Some apps are geared towards being helpful, while others are just meant to be fun. Despite the fact that Steve… Read more »

  6. lobster-Bisque-marijuana-dish

    Lobster Bisque Ingredients needed: Lobster broth 1 tablespoon unsalted butter 6 Cloves garlic, smashed 3 Carrots roughly chopped 2 Ribs of celery, roughly chopped 2 red onions, roughly chopped 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt Freshly cracked black pepper 1 cup of good white wine 6 cups of organic vegetable stock 1/3 cup of tomato paste… Read more »

  7. marijuana-libido-female-Viagra

    When Viagra hit the market back in the late 1990s, it was hoped that a women’s form would be close behind. Many different experiments… and quite a few failures later, the trial and error process continues with women waiting anxiously for their version of a relationship enhancing pill. While the ladies pill seems to be… Read more »

  8. fat-Joint

    “…marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active substances known to man.” – Judge Francis Young (DEA) The first time you get high will likely be a visionary experience, a landmark achievement, and the greatest moment of your high school life. (Or, at the very least, the moment of your high school bathroom life.) For… Read more »

  9. Best Stash Spots

      “If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, youll add eight to 24 years to your life.”  … Jack Herer  How many of us – in the attempt at keeping our marijuana hidden from those that don’t need to know about it, regardless of whether it’s your kids — your mom and dad… or more… Read more »

  10. Marijuana-Tea

    As has been true throughout cooking’s history… herbs make great tea for human health. And marijuana is no different. Have you ever tried marijuana tea? Well, I did last night for the very first time. It was far more relaxing than I could have ever expected. Creating a good marijuana tea tends to takes a… Read more »

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