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  1. uruguay's president is the man

    Since legalizing marijuana last summer, Uruguay was named The Economist’s 2013 Country of the Year, Uruguay President Jose Mujica (pictured above with Aerosmith) was named TIME’s Man of the Year, and Uruguay has–likewise–become arguably the hippest country around. Uruguay’s hipness starts right at the top with Mujica–a man who’s salary is less than most Investment… Read more »

  2. fuck yes

    If you’re feeling nauseous, smoke a bowl, because this is the kind of story that will makes you want to vomit. A British man will be placed behind bars because he grew weed. And this wasn’t the kind of gangster, massive-weed smuggling operation that needed to be investigated. Scott Lewendon from Kirk Hallam had a… Read more »

  3. cannabis dope

    The Colorado Domino effect continues…this time in Europe Every week, an outspoken official from a different major city or country makes headlines for wanting to legalize weed. Call it the Colorado Domino effect, or what you will, but it’s real. And this week’s example of the International urge to progress and legalize comes from Copenhagen,… Read more »

  4. jamaica weed

    Wait, what’s that? Weed is legal in freaking Uruguay and still remains illegal in Jamaica? Bambaklat! While weed grows and flows through Jamaica like wine in Napa Valley, it’s still not legal. Or even decriminalized. Or remotely regulated. And of course, the country generally turns a blind eye to the fields upon fields of cannabis…. Read more »

  5. das bud

    The Executive Director for the German Hemp Association, Georg Wurth, won a million dollars on a German version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” In true, awesome form, Wurth will use all the money towards his organizations effort to promote cannabis reform in Germany. His statement includes a promise to purchase ads and educate… Read more »

  6. argetina weed

    Legalizing weed is officially the “cool” thing to do. It’s become vogue, thanks to some forward thinking countries and nations. Colorado and Washington set the tone. Then good old Sanjay Gupta told the truth. Then Uruguay went full legal and will sell grams for a dollar. Even gang-riddled Mexico has had serious legalization talks. Hell, even… Read more »

  7. morocco

    Morocco is the hashish capital of the world. However, its government has notoriously leveled many of its marijuana fields and attempted to reign in its production in the last 10-15 years–to little avail. Thus, the country’s parliament is now considering and holding hearings to legalize the farming of cannabis, led by the Party for Authenticity… Read more »

  8. old guy dank

    Note: There are only 6 beds at the Forever Young nursing home. So the weed was likely grown by an employee for other purposes, unless those 6 elderly individuals really need a lot of weed for their older joints. Marijuana’s all-inclusive medicinal nature means that growers and medical marijuana patients come in all forms, sizes,… Read more »

  9. uruguay legalize

    Uruguay made brief headlines earlier this year when they legalized marijuana, joining North Korea as the second country with nationally legal weed. Then people kind of forgot about Uruguay’s power play, because they’re kind of the New Jersey of South America (see: stinky armpit). Only unlike New Jersey (where you’d be lucky to get a… Read more »

  10. home in the clown kills Tijuana drug Lord

    This clown was dead serious… You can run but you can’t hide – Rafael Arellano Felix is no more. The now deceased Ex-Mexican drug lord was gunned down while on vacation, relaxing at a rented beach house in Baja California’s Los Cabos. By a killer version of Homey the clown, noted ABC news over the… Read more »

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