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  1. jersey bust

    Selling weed in New Jersey takes serious skill (take it from someone who knows). Riding with a dime bag and a mere tint of the windows or going 57 in a 55 can get you a night in Newark next to Anfernee. But selling your weed in New Jersey is even harder, especially when you’re… Read more »

  2. tacoma wellness

    Earlier today, Washington D.C.’s Department of Health opened up applications for the District’s medical marijuana patients, signifying the capital’s long-awaited commencement of a compassionate program. Like in most conservative, East Coast MMJ states, restriction will limit access to D.C. Residents with debilitating diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and Glaucoma. These potential patients all require a doctor’s… Read more »

  3. big boi growing ktichen

    After a long night on stage or making it rain at the club, Outkast impresario Big Boi balances his THC deficiencies the slow and steady way: with Edibles. Big Boi posted this picture to his Instagram recently, dubbing the “Fantastic Brownie” a #BananaClipper–which one can assume is a metaphor for nipping a hangover in the… Read more »

  4. Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 12.14.46 PM

    The clubhouse leader for the annual “Dumbest Stoners of the Year” award are four New Jersey men who thought sparking a blunt at a police headquarters was no big deal. It’s not even clear if they were smoking weed–they certainly had some on them–but either way, it made for one easy bust. Basically, three of… Read more »

  5. Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 2.58.06 PM

    There are certain events for which an explanation does not exist. This is one of those events. The mother of a 10-month-old Centralia boy was arrested Friday for suspicion of letting the child smoke marijuana from a bong, according to a news release. The Centralia Police Department’s anti-crime team served a warrant at a home… Read more »

  6. StarBuds-Gift-Card

     However thats not where this story goes wrong … I hate to break it to you, but first off – Starbucks coffee is not that good. And if you’re looking to protect your clandestine marijuana grow operation; you might want to start off by not being an idiot. An alleged illegal marijuana grower reportedly showered… Read more »

  7. FL-MMJ-Vote

    One veteran Stoner pointed out – that pot smokers come from all walks of life, including the highly educated and extremely successful.   The burning question for Florida’s sick and suffering this morning, is whether or not the country’s fourth populous state will follow the rapidly growing list of states that seek to legalize medical marijuana… Read more »

  8. Copsaredrugdealers

    41% of the state’s population were found to oppose relaxing the laws for marijuana possession, while 53% believed the current penalties for marijuana consumption were out of balance with the severity of the offense.   The Indiana Statehouse was abuzz today, as the states Gen. Assembly to this once dominant gateway to the west, slammed… Read more »

  9. CU Bans All Smoking On Campus After Aug 19, 3013

    “There’s been no discussion of fines or ticketing,” Miller-Huey said. “The police aren’t going to be walking around ticketing people or looking for people smoking. But it is a campus policy.”   As Colorado’s largest school of higher education braces itself for another 4:20 event on April 20, 2013, Chancellor Phil DiStefano has gone into… Read more »

  10. AR-AB299_Jason__G_20130131191213

    Let’s say you’re a football fan that lives in the great White North. You’ve been a Baltimore Ravens fan most of your life and you have just won a ticket to go to the Super Bowl in New Orleans – to watch the game of your life.  Oh yeah….and over 32 years ago you had… Read more »

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