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  1. Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.29.49 PM

    I’m sure not all will be overly amused by this 2009, Tosh .0 “Weed vs. Salvia” video … as the truth often hurts. But I personally believe it’s an educational tool, useful for enlightening those individuals that still believe that by keeping marijuana illegal, other substances – sometimes more dangerous – won’t take their place…. Read more »


    Rarely does anything make me happier or prouder to be an American, then when I see Cops stand up against the mass casualties and collateral damage done by our federal government’s senseless war against mental illness. I mean, the war on drugs. Carnage perpetuated through the lobbying efforts of industries which profit from greed over… Read more »

  3. Hemp Solution

    While claiming that marijuana has no medicinal application, our federal government has maintained a patent on marijuana cannabinoids for the last 10 years – while nationwide marijuana arrests continue to soar. Archaic, confused and out of touch – Uncle Sam is having a hard time keeping his convoluted story straight. Whether the cause is old… Read more »

  4. marijuana-was-medicine-before-prohibition

    O’Shaughnessy concludes that these clinical studies have “led me to the belief that in Hemp the profession has gained an anti-convulsive remedy of the greatest value.”  How many of today’s medical marijuana patients know that Dr. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy was responsible for the introduction of cannabis to modern Western medicine – in 1838? Some may…all should…. Read more »

  5. american_hemp-flag

    One of the first things that strikes most people as odd when looking into the cannabis plants current dilemma – is how very legal it once was. Truth be told, it wasn’t just legal, it happened to be one of the largest agricultural crops grown worldwide, Including the United States. As most already know –… Read more »

  6. Australia

    As countries around world wake up from their alcohol induced stupor, the head of Australia’s foremost alcohol research organization has made an impassioned plea for marijuana to be legalized in their country, as a means of reducing the violence caused by alcohol consumption. With Australia’s latest numbers indicating as many as 70,000 people annually are… Read more »

  7. usa-marijuana-legalization-map

    Sliding across home plate… in a cloud of patriotic red, white, and blue dust…New Hampshire can proudly celebrate their joining the club of medical marijuana states stretched across this great country. In true American spirit, they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the other 19 states, which have opted to break free from the federal grip… Read more »

  8. CNN-marijuana-inside-man

    Marijuana hasn’t always been considered a scourge upon our country’s moral fiber. In fact, before 1937 it wasn’t even considered an illegal drug. However, after the end of prohibition on alcohol, the government needed a new set of victims to demonize, and pot smokers were it. After identifying their next target, the feds formed the… Read more »

  9. Ethan-Nadelmann-debates-Asa-Hutchinson

    One of the primary driving forces behind today’s push for marijuana legalization in the United States comes from a somewhat unexpected individual – a fast speaking, intellectually astute offspring of a Rabbi. Ethan Nadelmann, the executive director from the Drug Policy Alliance, took on Asa Hutchinson, a former Drug Enforcement Administration chief, in a recent… Read more »

  10. Gil-grow-op

    Disease, Bugs, Thieves  and Cops are just a few of your obstacles…   Many believe… “Growing weed is super easy… And it will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, fast money with a minimal downside! Shoot, you should just quit your job, move to the Emerald triangle or Denver and turn your house into… Read more »

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