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    After much vacillation on the topic, the San Diego city Council came to terms and passed a strict set of regulations Tuesday, meant to put parameters around their once contentious medical marijuana collectives. After a victorious 8 -1 vote, San Diego’s collectives will be limited to no more than four shops in anyone Council District…. Read more »

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    “Hello Weed-Mart shoppers… today’s Blue Light special will be on Green Crack. Pick up your chronic ounce on isle 420 – just $280.” While most of today’s pot smokers are too young to remember Kmart’s “Blue Light Special,” blaring over the stores loudspeaker, describing the newest and best sale items – a newly proposed, nearly… Read more »

  3. Delaware-medical-marijuana-dispensary

    “Come senators, Congressmen, Please heed the call, Don’t stand at the                        doorway, Don’t block up the hall” ~ Bob Dylan   West of Santa Rosa, California, and east of Bodega Bay, sits the tiny little enclave of Sebastopol California. Not many newsworthy events happen there – with… Read more »

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    It’s Friday, the week is almost over – and you need a new place to relax… Medical marijuana patients who remember Santa Anna’s California patients Association (CPA) and Chubbs – the owner – remember their top shelf medicinal strains. Well, Chubbs has just completed the construction of his brand-new establishment, The Boomerang Lounge in Anaheim… Read more »

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    “You can’t always get what you want”… Words of wisdom. Though not very comforting for four Oregon cities hoping to ban medical marijuana collectives; concerned over the idea of damaging their reputation with the 55 and over set, or scaring off the states limited tourist’s revenue. A few months ago Medford Oregon’s fearful and ignorant… Read more »

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    You can’t walk down Pearl Street in Boulder without the sweet scent of cannabis flowing through the air. But, not all Boulder buds are created equal. You can’t get the same potent, consistent buzz from a free joint giveaway  as you can from one of Boulder’s many delectable medical marijuana collectives. And The Dandelion in… Read more »

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    As the feds tug-of-war with the Berkeley Patient Group drags on…the Berkeley City Council will cultivate the long overdue idea of  increasing the number of medical marijuana collectives allowed to operate in the city from four to six at Tuesday’s meeting. The Berkeley council members will study and decide on whether or not the ordinance should be sent… Read more »

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    The good news is that her boss, US Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, has made it abundantly clear that the federal government has no stomach or financial desire to sue Colorado, Washington or the 20 states which have embraced medical marijuana. The bad news is…Northern California’s US Attorney, Melinda Haag’s office, recently informed the East Bay… Read more »

  9. 420-to-Yuma

    All aboard… Deep in the heart of the southwest, old habits die hard. And hating marijuana is a very old habit. While proposition 203 passed in November of 2010, allowing Arizona’s sick residents to access medical marijuana. Many cities, towns, and municipalities have struggled to fire up their state sanctioned dispensaries. Fortunately for the sick… Read more »

  10. Delaware-medical-marijuana-dispensary

    With a population teetering north of 117,000 solid American voters, Delaware’s Governor Jack Merkle, has made it clear he will now work towards resuscitating a state system for the distribution of medical marijuana. Albeit, the same one he killed a year earlier. Setting the stage for “The First State”  to follow the path blazed recently… Read more »

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