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  1. How-to-Control-Marijuana-Odor-And-Avoid-The-Sweet-Smell-of-Success

    In a stinky world filled with automobile exhaust, industrial pollution, and hot air blown from the nation’s politicians, few things smell as good and as the rich terpene laced flowers cultivated in the marijuana grow rooms across this nation. It’s a given fact of life – most marijuana fans, and even some foes, get off… Read more »

  2. Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.28.50 AM

      For all the time, money, and effort dedicated to producing today’s great weed, some within the industry are more than a little surprised that today’s cannabis farmers are not fully taking advantage of the scientific advances afforded them…particularly when it comes to utilizing nitrogen flushing for the packaging of their valuable cannabinoid rich flowers…. Read more »

  3. Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Gear: 5 High-tech Picks for the Holiday Season

      Technological advancements are a wonderful byproduct of the evolved brain – particularly when they help us cultivate killer nugs, loaded with medically valuable cannabinoids. As seed breeders genetic manipulation of high THC strains evolves, and cultivation technology advances – so does the quality of our stash and the yields we produce. With the 2013… Read more »

  4. SOG-SRCOG-in-tight grow spaces

    Anytime you face space restrictions while looking for the right place to grow marijuana, a few of the more basic rules apply: obviously since square footage is at a premium, your grow space needs to take full advantage of every vacant inch. This means choosing your cannabis strain well, selecting the best genetics for your… Read more »

  5. Dylan Ratigan thanks pot growers are great hydroponics

    What a long, strange trip life can be … The one time host of MSNBC’s Fast Money – Dylan Ratigan has turned on, tuned in, and dropped out of the hired liar business. Instead he has taken up a much more honorable trade, hydroponic gardening. As such, Dylan reached out and acknowledged the great work… Read more »

  6. Massachusetts New Medical Marijuana Business Opportunities Grow

    The news of marijuana, its prohibition, and the ever-changing medical marijuana laws throughout the US landscape moves fast. When observing the chaos they call “News” one gets a sense of speed -at which the ‘new normal’ is growing, as entrepreneurs in the individual states look to crank up new revenue streams, primarily geared towards the… Read more »

  7. HTCC-Glendale-2013

    After a busy Saturday of ‘learning and burning’, Join Redman and The Game as they smoke through their sets, blowing ‘fat trees’ from center stage   Yep – the HIGH TIMES Med Can Cup is back in town…while it was supposed to be held in Los Angeles for the second consecutive year, it turns out… Read more »

  8. Hydroponic_equipment-Marijuana-grow-operation

    The moon is out (kind of ) and bright, my mind is awake – although now medicated, and there’s not much news worth reporting at 4:55 in the morning. In searching through the different news feeds that keep us informed, and we in turn regurgitate for your consumption. I found this cool video from weGrow… Read more »

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