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    Lined up and ready to roll, a group of Washington State’s would be pot shop owners were anxious to start the lottery licensing process, just one day after 4/20. Brawling  for their right sell state legal weed, 1,500 applicants will try to win one of just 334 retail marijuana licenses. Conducting the lottery for the state’s LCB will… Read more »

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    Tuesday was a great day for both medical marijuana patients and recreational smokers alike in the state of Arizona. Yesterday, the state Supreme Court ruled that local law enforcement can’t prosecute Arizona motorists who are found to be driving with marijuana metabolites in their system – unless of course the person was high when they… Read more »

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    The NCAA seems to be slowly kicking it’s Reefer Madness. As college football’s schedule gets ready to fire up in late August, the NCAA  announced recently that they’ve decided to go a bit easier on those student-athletes busted for smoking pot, after concluding that weed is hardly a performance-enhancing substance. According to online reports: “The… Read more »

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    Who didn’t? As if we needed another demonstration that the youthful experimentation with marijuana does not result in diminished critical thinking skills – Attorney General Eric Holder came out of the closet on Tuesday and admitted that he smoked weed back in his college daze  days in a new HuffPost story. According to the interview, not only… Read more »

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    Lawmakers in Alabama and Utah recently approved legislation seeking to authorize the physician-supervised use of varieties of cannabis and/or extracts high in the non-psychotropic cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). Both measures, which I previously summarized as ‘largely unworkable,‘ have now been signed into law. In recent days, lawmakers in three additional states — Kentucky, Mississippi, and Wisconsin — have… Read more »

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    It’s on! After much handwringing, calmer minds have prevailed. Yesterday, the good people at Denver Parks and Recreation gave the official Green light to the rally’s organizers – allowing this year’s 4/20 event to fire up at Denver’s Civic Center. This now annual smoke-out in the park has grown into a massive two-day festival, complete… Read more »

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    You bet’cha… As a pot smoker, a husband, a father, an employee and a taxpayer – I say yes. And thankfully most Americans are in agreement; pot smoking adults who “occasionally” smoke weed are no less responsible than the Xanax popping soccer mom. As Colorado enters its fourth month of marijuana legalization, the state prohibits… Read more »

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    No, actually you haven’t. Atty. Gen. Eric holder was fired up yesterday by the House Judiciary Committee. After publicly stating last week during a House Appropriations Committee hearing “We’d be more than glad to work with Congress,” with regards to the rescheduling of marijuana on the CSA. Claiming “It’s something that ultimately Congress would have… Read more »

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    Whether spurred on by the 19-year-old college exchange student, who fell four stories to his death after eating legally purchased pot cookies… or not? No one knows for sure. But the Colorado marijuana industry agrees – their edibles are in serious need of an equivalency standard. When inexperience weed tourists buy their stash from a… Read more »

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    Recently, Gov. LePage introduced a bill, LD 1811, to crack down on heroin and cocaine trafficking. While we disagree with his approach (doubling-down on the War on Drugs) Sen. David Dutremble and Rep. Corey Wilson have crafted a compromise proposal in committee that would address many of the hard-drug addiction issues Maine faces, while putting… Read more »

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