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  1. egg-Harbor-medical-marijuana-dispensary

    With over 240 medical marijuana doctors and over 1,300 MMJ patients already enrolled in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, the garden state is prepared to open its second medical marijuana dispensary since New Jersey’s now disgraced ex-Gov., Jon Corzine, signed medical marijuana into law back in January 2010. With a third collective cued up and… Read more »

  2. put drug money here

    In the wake of perhaps the most important (or at least most talked about) marijuana policy announcement by the federal government in quite some time, and a day after the Senate met to talk about easing up its marijuana policies, palpable excitement fills the air. And that’s because the biggest news from yesterday’s meeting relates… Read more »

  3. Clinic Cover Shot

    For the fourth consecutive year, The Clinic of Colorado hosted its annual charity golf tournament in Denver with all benefits going towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The event’s main sponsor was again WeedMaps, and for us, it’s simply the event of the year: a great time combined with an even better cause. And this year lived… Read more »

  4. vermont phish

    Phish fans can now legally enjoy their Phish Food with a side of PhishHead Kush. While the green mountain state has long been notorious for its copious amounts of cannabis consumption, the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries just opened this week One is in Burlington, and the other is in Montpelier. Both are open three days… Read more »

  5. medical-marijuana

    …then it’s off to Gov. Brian Sandoval for his signature As Nevada inches ever closer to creating a state regulated medical marijuana system for the purpose of overseeing the production and distribution of medical marijuana in the silver state, they find themselves in good company; joining the likes of Rhode Island, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maine,… Read more »

  6. big boi growing ktichen

    After a long night on stage or making it rain at the club, Outkast impresario Big Boi balances his THC deficiencies the slow and steady way: with Edibles. Big Boi posted this picture to his Instagram recently, dubbing the “Fantastic Brownie” a #BananaClipper–which one can assume is a metaphor for nipping a hangover in the… Read more »

  7. two new California medical marijuana bills

    Try as they might in the California assembly… The song remains the same. Tom Ammiano’s legislation seeking to bring definition, rules and regulations to California’s medical marijuana dispensaries has again come up short in the state assembly. Failing to get the votes needed late last week. The goal of the left-leaning assemblyman was to create… Read more »

  8. pot-apps

    While technological advancements offer both pluses and minuses for today’s data hungry consumers, if you happen to be a medical marijuana patient in Michigan, this latest app will save you the grief of showing up at your local collective – minus the cash you need to complete your purchase… or the documentation necessary.   Frank… Read more »

  9. investment-for-marijuana-canned

    “The world changed 10 weeks ago,” said ArcView chief executive Troy Dayton, referring to when Colorado and Washington voters approved legal marijuana for adults   As Wall Street vacillates back-and-forth and the next wave of financial opportunity is hunted down like a rabid dog; Weed, marijuana…’The Devils lettuce’ is starting to look like a good… Read more »

  10. Ca-Votes-Marijuana-2016

     Terrie Best Support for an End to Civil Litigation Against San Diego Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operators A few days back San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner, indicated he wished to end the civic litigation filed against 12 marijuana collectives, there operators… and the property owners – the lawsuits sought to compel compliance with the City’s marijuana… Read more »

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