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  1. high as hell

    “Hardcore Budder lookin like cake batter!” B.o.B. released a new track yet. It’s called “High as Hell.” If you couldn’t tell from the title, every line in the song mentions the benefits of being high all the time. It’s pretty standard Hip-Hop fare: B.o.B. and the Wiz wax poetic about how high they are, how… Read more »

  2. paul and art

    Paul Simon and Sting shared the stage at Denver’s Pepsi Center (where the Nuggets play/get smoked) Tuesday evening, and figuratively lit up the stage. During “Late in the Evening,” Paul Simon dropped an impromptu “Then I learned to play some lead guitar, I was underage in this funky bar stepped outside to smoke myself a LEGAL… Read more »

  3. Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 12.51.16 PM

    ^The best part about this: the proposition is completely legal! I’m admittedly a Phish fan, and I was looking for Trey Anastasio Band tickets for this evening’s show at the Ogden when this amazing offer showed up, catching my eye with the “$420″ next to it. This Craig’s List offer pretty much sums up Denver,… Read more »

  4. flostradamus vaporizer

    There are hundred of mixes and mixtapes released on sites like Soundcloud and DatPiff every single day. Unfortunately, most of them do not contain original tracks and absolutely none of them come with a portable vaporizer that you can smoke weed out of (legally). Until now. Thanks to Trap & Bass pioneers Flosstradmus and ThisSongisSick… Read more »

  5. Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 9.24.20 AM

    Enough time has gone by since Lil Wayne exited his prime and the limelight. The former undisputed heavyweight (sorry Snoop) and now Hall of Fame of weed rapper has , by default, vacated the throne and his championship belt is now up for grabs. While we can hope for Weezy’s return to health and form and… Read more »

  6. devinthedude

    With no disrespect to Wiz Khalifa or Lil Wayne, it’s hard to imagine any rapper smokes more weed–and chills harder–than Devin The Dude. With a flow so soft (yet on point) it could wipe a baby’s ass and a style so blazay, he’s been cranking out the downtempo panty-droppers for quite some time. Thanks to… Read more »

  7. mayan holidaze cover

    Colorado’s flood relief is a long-term operation, and we’re thrilled at the outpour and response to our ongoing mission to help Colorado recover. And we’re not stopping. Our friends at Conscious Alliance, a Boulder establishment and non-profit organization, have been raising funds and doing good for the flood victims since Boulder was devastated. And now,… Read more »

  8. Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 11.10.42 AM

    Rihanna’s Instagram Rihanna found love in Amsterdam in the form of these large and in charge Spliffs. Stating “Where am I??? At Heauxm!!!!!” and ”I’m just a girl #Amsterdam,” the pot smoking pop sensation took to Instagram to reinforce her love for cannabis. And her love for Mary Jane is clearly stronger than ever: A nice rack… Read more »

  9. miley and snoop

    While many female celebrities enjoy marijuana’s benefits (both medically and recreationally), few of them are as open about their smoking habits as Miley Cyrus. The A-lister and full-fledged star has made it abundantly clear in the past that she sides with weed. And in her latest interview with Rolling Stone, she takes a more active stance… Read more »

  10. 2chainz

    “Rapper” 2Chainz was nabbed riding dirty in LAX yesterday by TSA when they found a bottle of Promethazine (that’s white for Sizzurp) and under an ounce of marijuana in his stowed luggage. This arrest comes just two days after 2Chainz was reportedly the victim of an armed robbery in San Francisco. Which, 12 hours ago,… Read more »

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