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  1. puerto rico mary jane

    It may have the same suffix as Mehico, but finding weed in Puerto Rico is much more difficult than in its Western-Spanish neighbor. You can’t just hop in a cab outside the airport, say  the magical word”MOTA” and have an ounce flung at you for 50 American dollars–which is pretty much exactly how it works… Read more »

  2. gupta cover

    The entire Weedmaps crew hit the Pacific Northwest three weeks ago for Seattle’s first LEGAL Hempfest when we weren’t handing out free swag (or shotguns!) at our booth, we gave marijuana enthusiasts in Seattle the opportunity to thank Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN for their recent, revolutionary documentary, “WEED.” It was amazing to see how many… Read more »

  3. Frankie's Sports Bar and Grill that recently started to allow smoking of marijuana in the bar in Olympia

    In America’s future, weed utopian state, cannabis will be consumed and sold everywhere, from ballpark vendors to bowling alleys to, of course, bars. And with Washington and Colorado’s imminent legalization, we’re seeing a glimpse at these greener pastures that lie ahead for weed. Yes, it’s fairly easy to hit a vaporizer pen in any bar… Read more »

  4. ricky williams wedding

    The NFL’s befuddling Marijuana Policy has gone under the microscope as the 2013 season kicks off, in large part thanks to the ad MPP placed outside of Mile High stadium before tonight’s opening game. The message sent is a simple one: NFL players face stricter penalties (and get tested harder) for weed than HGH and amphetamines…. Read more »


    The last time “America’s team” made the playoffs was in 2009, when Wade Phillips was calling the shots and Jason Garret was coordinating the offense. After handedly winning their Wild Card round game against the Eagles, these Cowboys were dismantled by the Minnesota Viking, 34-3. While it’s brash to blame marijuana for anything, it’s come… Read more »

  6. marijuana is safe

    Marijuana is not a drug that people use–it’s a plant that people use to medicate or chill out. And while it’s stil erroneously an “Illegal Substance,” it’s the most popular “drug” on this planet. And it also causes significantly less (as in zero) deaths (and life-altering addictions) than its pain-killing,  ”counterparts”: legal pain killers. A recent… Read more »

  7. voters-green-light-Massachusetts-medical-marijuana

    The East Coast has plenty of marijuana states–in fact, all of New England now has medical marijuana programs. However, most of these states have extremely restrictive policies for medical cannabis, meaning there are under five dispensaries in all these states, and very few (only seriously ill) patients can safely access medicine in these states. Fortunately,… Read more »

  8. guptakush

    Gupta Kush did not last long on the shelves of Boulder’s Helping Hand Herbals. The Sanjay Gupta x CNN inspired strain made wavelengths when we reported the new addition to its medical marijuana shelves last last week. But, predictably, CNN issued a cease and desist telephone call to the dispensary’s owner, asking that Gupta Kush bre… Read more »

  9. trudeau marijuana legal

    Justin Trudeau, a member of Canada’s Parliament and its liberal party’s leader–who had recently gone public in favor of marijuana reform–now says he’s smoked a joint while in office. While Trudeau has admitted (mild) cannabis use in the past, it’s not every day a country’s party leader and Parliament official admits he’s done so while… Read more »

  10. obama jokes

    Yesterday–in the face of Sanjay Gupta’s revelation–an Obama Spokesman ducked a question about the government’s backwards, hypocritical medical marijuana policies. Today, the Obama Administration clarified its position on medical marijuana. And by clarify, we mean state that they are not progressing and altering their laws: The administration’s position on this has been clear and consistent… Read more »

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