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  1. Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 8.56.23 AM

    Staying flush with nugs isn’t always easy, especially for the frequent toker or serious medical marijuana patient. Fortunately, Weedmaps has a pretty smooth solution to both your ailing cannabinoid system and your wallet: its daily medical marijuana deals. Simply put, if you’re looking for cheap weed or cannabis related products on the low, it should be the… Read more »

  2. this kush is kosher

    Like man, not all strains are created equal. And not all strains are blessed by Yahweh himself. A cut of OG so fresh Adam and Eve  smoked it in Eden, Kosher Kush (also known as “Jew Gold”) is on a lofty, mystical pedestal of its own. Like the bible, Kosher Kush’s legend is seeped in a… Read more »

  3. greenertoday durban

    Named after the South African port city of the same name where its genetics originated, Durban Poison is a popular Sativa known for its Serpentine-like quick high. Its purest form comes as close to a 100% Sativa as you’ll find in medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the world. Durban Poison makes a regular trip to the cannabis… Read more »

  4. Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 3.48.33 PM

    Earlier this year, Gil and the WeedMapsTV crew paid a visit to The Secret Cup where they interacted, innovated, and of course: dabbed out. Somewhere along the way, Gil decided it was a good idea to throw a camera on a dabber and combine it with first person dab close ups. This is what culminated:

  5. alien signs roswell dope

    Alien OG, one of the highest tested strains of all time, tested as high as an astounding 28% THC, is a bigger reality than the myth of Roswell. Extraterrestrial in nature, Alien OG has since catapulted to the top shelves in many California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, becoming one of the best OGs available in the legal… Read more »

  6. blue dream cova

    Blue Dream has in many ways become the Blue Moon of high-end marijuana strains. Like the popular Belgian beer (manufactured by Coors!), Blue Dream is one of the most (if not the most)  prevalent potent Sativas on the market. Available in nearly every medical marijuana dispensary in every state, Blue Dream has grown in both stature and esteem in… Read more »

  7. Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 10.24.37 AM

    When legends collide, magic happens. And like the offspring of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, XJ-13 is the result of a tryst between two legends. But unlike the celebrity couple, XJ-13′s parents both come equipped with a spotless, stain proof resume. XJ-13 is the baby of the renowned G-13 (of government tested lore) and Jack… Read more »

  8. laconf clinic

    As busty and voluptuous as Kim Basinger in the film of the same name that brought her to fame, LA Confidential does its home city of Los Angeles proud. With a seductive musk, LA Confidential is both naughty and nice, an Indica-dominant heavy Hybrid indicative of Los Angeles’ at times breezy beaches but at times overwhelming Hollywood hustle…. Read more »

  9. Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 12.41.25 PM

    Gil and WeedMaps.TV paid a visit to the nation’s capital this week, blazing a (figurative) trail through the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and America’s history. Along the way, Gil met up with activists and saw the government’s attempts at ending prohibition first hand. This video highlight came from Republican–yes, REPUBLICAN–Grover Norquist adamantly spoke out against… Read more »

  10. super silver haze wowzers

    Super Silver Haze is the mid-90s Chicago Bulls of Hazes: flawless, precise, and at times mind-blowing. Coincidentally, as the Bulls were in the midst of their own 3peat from 1995-1998, Super Silve Haze began its own, comparable streak, winning consecutive 1st places at the Cannabis Cup from 1997-1999. Needless to say, after this type of… Read more »

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