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  1. marijuana tree good

    The following article was first published on and written by Weedmaps founderJustin Hartfield: The future of marijuana legalization hangs perilously in the balance. While some may view decriminalization as a fait accompli, the reality is that the results of initial implementation efforts in Colorado, Washington, and the other pioneering states of legalization will significantly… Read more »

  2. Deck Of Hemp!

    “Make the most of the hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” –George Washington “Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.” — Abraham Lincoln*  Our nation was birthed with these principles by these men. America centers around Freedom, Truth, and the… Read more »

  3. pot mom

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Being a parent is stressful. Ask mine, ask yours, ask Kanye and Kim. Ask anyone with kids and they’ll all agree. So it’s no surprise–and not necessarily morally wrong–when parents seek an outlet to alleviate the everyday stress that inherently comes with raising… Read more »

  4. THC-Medicine

    It’s pretty hard to find anything these days that 60% of Americans can agree on… But leaving medical marijuana patients, and the dispensaries that supply them their medicine…alone, un-accosted, is one of them. In a poll just released today (Friday), the Huffington Post coughed up some rather disturbing statistics for Eric holder and his DOJ,… Read more »

  5. the Republicans only tool... Fear

    You know marijuana is going mainstream when day after day we see pillars of American society, such as Time magazine, step up and speak out with clarity and wisdom. Exposing a topic that has been ignored and relegated to the shadows, for far too long.  By Joe Klien – With Republicans in a chaotic retreat… Read more »

  6. Glenn Beck is a troll

    Oh my… How I dislike this pandering sleaze bag of the doomed. He’ll stoop to any depth, crawl through any tortured logic …trying to make the feeblest link between disassociated topics as a means of gaining attention through inflammatory and unsubstantiated comments. Glenn Beck can be accused of creating a lot collateral damage for those that live… Read more »

  7. Pot--or-pets-Everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-sex-Gene-Wilder-Sheep-scene

    Sick, sad, and wrong…but still an eerie question that begs answering.   From Nevada to Wyoming, New Mexico to Florida. Hicks, yokels, and gun clutching rednecks in between are allowed to snuggle up with the their favorite farm animals, but not smoke a joint. The Ignorance is legion…and they are everywhere. Alabama, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New… Read more »

  8. David-Koch-GOP-Funder

    As the country celebrated like half crazed beasts on the morning of November 7, 2012, a few of the neighboring states to Colorado and Washington grew somewhat concerned. In their attempt at being good neighbors, their citizens and politicians ignored the wild cries and incessant drum circle music, after all this was a celebration of… Read more »

  9. Gils-war-on-drugs

     ”What’s the alternative to pot legalization? Fearfully clinging to a failed policy that has been the cause of millions of arrests and wasted billions of dollars…”     Understanding, that as frivolous drug consumption is concerned; smoking a good joint is a relatively benign exercise in the art of relaxation. In direct contrast to alcohol, pot… Read more »

  10. LABan

       Gives California Marijuana Collectives The ‘Green Light’  As San Diego’s mayor finds himself embattled with his own city attorney – over whether or not medical marijuana collectives should be allowed in their cloistered beach front communities. And Riverside County tries to beat back their local pot clubs, the California Supreme Court has weighed in…… Read more »

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