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  1. guptakush

    Gupta Kush did not last long on the shelves of Boulder’s Helping Hand Herbals. The Sanjay Gupta x CNN inspired strain made wavelengths when we reported the new addition to its medical marijuana shelves last last week. But, predictably, CNN issued a cease and desist telephone call to the dispensary’s owner, asking that Gupta Kush bre… Read more »

  2. trudeau marijuana legal

    Justin Trudeau, a member of Canada’s Parliament and its liberal party’s leader–who had recently gone public in favor of marijuana reform–now says he’s smoked a joint while in office. While Trudeau has admitted (mild) cannabis use in the past, it’s not every day a country’s party leader and Parliament official admits he’s done so while… Read more »

  3. THC-Medicine

    It’s pretty hard to find anything these days that 60% of Americans can agree on… But leaving medical marijuana patients, and the dispensaries that supply them their medicine…alone, un-accosted, is one of them. In a poll just released today (Friday), the Huffington Post coughed up some rather disturbing statistics for Eric holder and his DOJ,… Read more »

  4. reefer madness good

    If you think America’s got it bad with The New York Times and mainstream publications of its ilk perpetuating the farce of Reefer Madness, you’ve probably never read the UK’s The Daily Mail. At least once a week, the Internet can count on an absurd piece of “journalism” spewing from the ass crack of The Daily Mail about… Read more »

  5. two new California medical marijuana bills

     ”The California Police Chiefs Association will lobby against both bills,” said Kim Raney Of course they will…it’s a matter of job security. California lawmakers, the perpetual butt of countless national marijuana jokes. Have finally seen fit to author, propose and advance a set of bills seeking to provide guidance and parameters for the constantly attacked,… Read more »

  6. the Republicans only tool... Fear

    You know marijuana is going mainstream when day after day we see pillars of American society, such as Time magazine, step up and speak out with clarity and wisdom. Exposing a topic that has been ignored and relegated to the shadows, for far too long.  By Joe Klien – With Republicans in a chaotic retreat… Read more »

  7. Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.53.11 AM

    by Erik Altieri –NORML Communications Director House and Senate lawmakers yesterday passed an amended version of Senate Bill 50, “An Act relating to industrial hemp.” The floor votes took place with only hours to go before the close of the 2013 legislative session. Proponents of the measure acknowledged that “public pressure to pass the bill helped achieve… Read more »

  8. Oregon marijuana legalization bill (2)

    Oregon State legislators are busy grappling with their desperate need for new revenue sources …in a search for increasingly scarce funding for K-12, mental health and a host of other public safety programs, many in Oregon’s statehouse are hoping to cultivate their way out of their current financial dilemma.  Unlike tax increases…these funds would not… Read more »

  9. Statue-of-420

    Everyone knew the day was coming, and many feared it.  For the pot hating Department of Justice and their slightly more sinister cousin, the Department of Defense, this sequestration nightmare is going to get ugly. With a heart full of hate for anything marijuana-based, the DOJ are about to take a major hit to their… Read more »

  10. California-marijuana-DUI D-bill

    Sen. Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) believes that medical marijuana is low rent trade; a seedy world filled with misfits and bad drivers…and is desperately searching for that polarizing issue to help him succeed the current California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris in 2018. Despite the mountain of evidence showing that driving while intoxicated from marijuana and… Read more »

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