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    According to a recently published study by the Journal of nervous and mental diseases, marijuana has a new companion in helping to fight the reduction of anxiety. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD. This curious new study claims that LSD therapy can significantly reduce anxiety in those who have suffered life-threatening illnesses. This… Read more »

  2. marijuana vs alcohol ad

    Alcohol kills, cannabis chills. Marijuana is medicine, alcohol is asinine. Yes, it’s a repetitive comparison, but it’s the truth. And truth will kill prohibition. While there’s an array of reasons that weed should be legalized, it’s logical and straightforward to boil it down to the simple fact: it’s much safer than its deadly, legal counterparts… Read more »

  3. cannabis_cures_cancer

    Marijuana has medicinal benefits. That’s a fact. But the scope of these benefits, along with cannabis’ alleged “negative side affects” is  a contentious and highly debated subject. After clear cut evidence that weed can legitimately treat breast and lung cancer–along with showing zero damage to the lungs–well, the “stoners” win again. In a recent report, the… Read more »

  4. drone-comp

    The future generations of outdoor- clandestine – marijuana growers is looking rather bleak this morning. After years of watching predator drones take out the top Al Qaeda hierarchy, our stealthy American drones are beginning to turn their unshakable attention inward. Focusing on the national forests and public lands, looking for the next commercial application of… Read more »

  5. driving-while-stoned

     …and the three participants smoked it!   Between the quick flash of some Blueberry Train Wreck, and an important topic thats screams for dissemination… this YouTube video got my attention. In the first test of its sort…at least that I’ve witnessed, three solid Americans like you and me – stepped up as volunteers in the hopes of… Read more »

  6. THC-Decarb

    While many people are aware that marijuana has a wide spectrum of cannabinoids, most are not aware that THCa must first be decarboxylated in order to become the familiar psychoactive friend  – THC. Within the marijuana plant and its cannabinoids there exists carboxyl-groups comprising many active cannabinoids like  – cannabidiolic acid, or cannabigerolic acid. These… Read more »

  7. Where-to-smoke-when-not-home

      “…we figure you owe us. Humboldt State provided you with just over 3 minutes of pretty good material.”   Humboldt County and the emerald triangle – as well as its famous pot industry are cultivating news headlines again. Today the L.A. Times fired off an article about Jimmy Kimmel and his recent jokes about… Read more »

  8. vaporizer-are-good

      Previous clinical trials have indicated that inhaled cannabis can safety and effectively relieve various types of pain   by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director   The administration of vaporized, low THC cannabis is associated with reduced pain in subjects with neuropathy, according to clinical trial data published online by The Journal of Pain. Investigators… Read more »

  9. DrunkV.Stoned

    While everyone within the marijuana community (I would assume) already knows that smoking pot — is better than drinking alcohol — at least for the young developing mind.  It’s always great to see scientific evidence coming from first-rate research, in state-of-the-art facilities. A recent study conducted last April by researchers at the University California San… Read more »

  10. marijuana-Type2-diabetes-cure

    There is a reason why smoking marijuana has such a holistic effect on people. Scientists have discovered that humans and animals produce compounds called endocannabinoid’s that are very similar to those found in cannabis. The cells in our brains, nervous system, liver, kidneys and lungs all have cannabinoid receptors called CB1. Furthermore, our blood cells… Read more »

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