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  1. college!

    The much maligned NCAA finally got one right, as NCAA athletes can now have their cake and smoke it too. Just a day after the NCAA ruled their Division 1 student-athletes will now receive unlimited snacks munchies, the NCAA has eased up its pot-smoking policies. As CBS’ Dennis Dodd reports (with a pun-driven piece), the NCAA has chopped… Read more »

  2. benahan blazing

    Chane Behanan likes his dope. So much that while at Louisville, Behanan was suspended not once, not twice, but three times for “off-court issues” that all revolved around brazen dope-smoking. In between those suspensions, of course, Behanan was a key cog on the Cardinals’ 2013 National Championship team. But his fourth strike got him kicked off… Read more »

  3. ipswich

    A house belonging to Danny Haynes of Scottish Premier League team Hibernian FC was being used as a “cannabis factory,” unbeknownst to the soccer football player, according to the Ipswich Star.  There is no suggestion Mr Haynes, 26, was either involved with, or aware of, what tenants of his house in Purdis Farm, Ipswich, were doing… Read more »

  4. thurgood

    Aside from Chris Perez, stories involving MLB players and weed remain–for whatever reason–few and far between. But it’s Spring Training, and a Houston Astros player you’ve probably never heard of (see: their whole roster), Jon Singleton, has given John Kruk something to eat about. Singleton, in an interview with the AP, has come clean about… Read more »

  5. mark brunell lol

    Marijuana as medicine has become such a hot topic for the NFL that even ESPN is talking about it these days. In the wake of current defensive backs Antonio Cromartie’s and Ryan Clark’s comments that weed shouldn’t be tested for and can help players cope with pain/stress, ESPN asked former NFL QB and current analyst… Read more »

  6. NFL: OCT 08 Texans at Jets

    Antonio Cromartie was asked about weed today–just like every player in the NFL will be this offseason–and responded appropriately. Cro said what any reasonable NFL player would say: that the NFL should should just let weed slide and to stop testing for it: “They need to just let it go. We’re just going to do… Read more »

  7. weed bowl mang

    Not really…only Bud Light Vegas put the odds on an announcer saying “marijuana” during the Super Bowl broadcast at 7 to 1, giving it a 13% chance of occurring. Those odds weren’t great, but they made for an interesting (fun) bet and gave us some hope that if we’re lucky, maybe Erin Andrews will let it slip… Read more »


    On Sunday, millions of Americans will sit on couches, drink themselves into oblivion, and watch grown men fight for the Title. As you’ve likely heard, the two teams facing off hail from America’s first to legal weed states, in Washington and Colorado. And while marijuana is an obvious subplot to thits  Super Bowl–it’s been deemed… Read more »

  9. Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carrol Likes MMJ

    As Denver and Seattle set to square off this Sunday, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, is speaking up over the heated issue of medical marijuana and the NFL. Pleased with the NFL commissioners’ recent stance, Carroll is in strong support of the NFL further investigating whether medical marijuana might offer its players a better alternative… Read more »

  10. Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 7.18.55 AM

    Bud Bowl. Weed Bowl. Fill a Bowl. Stoner Bowl. Super Stupor Bowl. Whatever you call it, the teams from Denver and Seattle are in it to win it! And so are cannabis consumers! The annual Super Bowl is always a great time for a few friendly wagers, and cannabis consumers are no exception. Happy to uphold… Read more »

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