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  1. Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 1.44.01 PM

    In the past year, we’ve seen the medible game evolve into a sometime gourmet and a creative market. We’ve seen everything from medicated Nutella to medicated Cake Pops. We’ve even seen a butcher feed his pigs with weed. But now, there’s an actual edible for the stoned-carnivore: medicated Beef Jerky. While there’s not much available… Read more »

  2. Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 6.51.07 AM

    There are lots of ways to practice the art of comedy, and needless to say, some are better than others. Doug Benson’s favorite way is to get really high and use his stoned insights like a sledgehammer against the sober mind, searching for nuggets of unrealized truth.  For those stoners that have already discovered Benson’s… Read more »

  3. Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 6.04.03 AM

    A big “What Up?” from “Uncle Snoop Dogg” on this sweet Saturday morning. The Doggfather is looking for a little help as he fires up a dope new internship campaign, designed with the expressed purpose of benefiting inner-city kids through his youth football league. It’s the end of the year, you need tax deductions and… Read more »

  4. Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.19.13 AM

    Stoners are everywhere – even at The Pentagon, home to America’s Department of Defense. Believe it or not, pot smokers seem to have had access to some of the country’s most deadly weapons, at least until recently. That’s when the Pentagon force protection agency, also known as the Department of Defense’s police force, cultivated a… Read more »

  5. Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.22.15 AM

    “Would you like a blunt with your burger?” If only the Wendy’s employee has asked that one little question before serving her dope brand of cheeseburger, she probably wouldn’t have been arrested and would still have her job. Oh well, live and learn. According to TMZ, a Georgia fast food employee was arrested last month;… Read more »

  6. The-Green=Arrow-Marijuana-Delivery-Service-WA

    David Wayne Jordan thinks outside the box… Or at least he used to. Understanding that weed is now legal in Washington state – and being blessed with an entrepreneurial sprit – David decided to try and start serving and under represented segment of the pot loving populace…Inmates. His only issue…was how? In what seemed to… Read more »

  7. DEA-pays-San Diego-college-student-millions

    Parrt-time San Diego college student… and now thanks to the DEA – full-time millionaire – Daniel Chong has agreed to accept a cash settlement of $4.1 million. Daniels cash award is a punitive slap in the face of the San Diego contingency of the Drug Enforcement Agency after Daniel was arrested on 4.20.2012 in a… Read more »

  8. Wiz Fires Up CNN with Wisdom

    “How many times have you gotten jacked for weed now?” WK: “more than 18 times.” Rapper Wiz Khalifa talks about giving Pittsburgh its props…working with the “Dogg Father of Rap,” and the marijuana target that rests on his back; potentially leading to a pot ticket every time he goes out into public. Wiz then rips… Read more »

  9. Join-Tommy

      Tommy Chong is a lot of things – to a lot of people. For some he was the first comedian to make the American public question their own government’s rationale over its contrived and costly marijuana prohibition. For others he was the old man Stoner “Leo”, that would often join the smoke circle on… Read more »

  10. Rihanna-Pot-Valentine

    Rihanna managed to perpetuate her image as the ultimate female Stoner within the pop princess world -again. Yesterday, February 14, Valentine’s Day 2013 – she sent up smoke signals, via Twitter, highlighting her passionate belief that marijuana helps to make her life a little more enjoyable. Unfortunately for her, not everyone thought of it quite… Read more »

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