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    Originally created for outdoor cultivators, as a means of harvesting before the first moisture of fall, Bonkers was genetically selected for its ability to flower and hit full maturation early. Originally bred in the great White North of British Columbia, the Next Generation Seed Company has created a hearty, cold-weather strain. Genetically modified to flourish… Read more »

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    The CH9 G-Bolt strain acquired its abbreviated name from its hybrid mother – the G bolt Motarebel – which is a chronic mix of Sativa/Indica, with strong roots to northern California’s Humboldt region. The G Bolt Motarebel mom is often abbreviated and more commonly referred to as ‘Mortareble’. Basic Info: A complicated lineage, this strain is… Read more »

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    For those heads living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Champagne Kush is the “Go to” strain when it’s time to relax. Basic Info: A deluxe coupling of genetics, Champagne Kush is an equally split hybrid (50/50 – Indica/Sativa) that overwhelms the senses with its sparkling swollen calyxes and sticky resin encrusted pistils. When properly… Read more »

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    Lighting up the South African cannabis gene pool like a nuclear facility, the electrically charged Power Plant strain is a hybridized Sativa landrace strain that packs a powerful punch. This plant was originally inbred by its breeders at Dutch Passion with the intention of creating a potent and stable strain of feminized pot that also… Read more »

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    Chances are… for the seasoned marijuana tourists, looking down and seeing the airport tag “AMS” on your luggage as you pass through a Dutch security checkpoint – one thing seems for certain. It’s a strong indication your journey is about to get interesting. The acronym A.M.S. is the code for both the Amsterdam airport, as… Read more »

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    Many cultivators have been on the endless search over the last 20 years; learning, burning and trying to extract the autoflowering characteristic from the many Russian ruderalis variants within the cannabis family. Autoflowering frees the cultivators from a regimented light routine as the ruderalis strain flowers based on the plants age; understanding of course, the… Read more »

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    Gravity: the strain… not the movie – is the matriarch of a mind numbing, clone only strain known as Zero Gravity. After a long and convoluted trip, Gravity found her way into the considerate hands of the breeders at THSeeds. A newbie friendly plant, Zero Gravity is a relatively easy strain to cultivate for the… Read more »

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    The Killing Fields kicks ass! No… Not the ones in Cambodia, littered by the Khmer Rouge with dead bodies. Instead, we are speaking of a peaceful strain, one which originated from the expectation that it would yield fields of killer kick-ass flower. The strain was originally developed in order to incorporate Sannie’s Jack with a… Read more »

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    Alien Dawg is a distinct and aromatic hybrid. A strain that links the historic genetics from Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region with some of Northern California best new strains. Creating a stoney new hybrid by crossing Chemdawg (55/45 Indica) and Alien Technology (Afghanistan landrace strain) – spawning a sour and pungent strain that offers a relaxing… Read more »

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    The name Agent Orange has earned a bad rap thanks to the Monsanto Corporation, Dow Chemical and the US Department of Defense. But that was the 60s, our country was at war, and smoking pot – even a strain named for Vietnam era death and destruction – would get your ass thrown in jail. Basic… Read more »

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