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    The CH9 G-Bolt strain acquired its abbreviated name from its hybrid mother – the G bolt Motarebel – which is a chronic mix of Sativa/Indica, with strong roots to northern California’s Humboldt region. The G Bolt Motarebel mom is often abbreviated and more commonly referred to as ‘Mortareble’. Basic Info: A complicated lineage, this strain is… Read more »

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    For those heads living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Champagne Kush is the “Go to” strain when it’s time to relax. Basic Info: A deluxe coupling of genetics, Champagne Kush is an equally split hybrid (50/50 – Indica/Sativa) that overwhelms the senses with its sparkling swollen calyxes and sticky resin encrusted pistils. When properly… Read more »

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    Lighting up the South African cannabis gene pool like a nuclear facility, the electrically charged Power Plant strain is a hybridized Sativa landrace strain that packs a powerful punch. This plant was originally inbred by its breeders at Dutch Passion with the intention of creating a potent and stable strain of feminized pot that also… Read more »

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    Chances are… for the seasoned marijuana tourists, looking down and seeing the airport tag “AMS” on your luggage as you pass through a Dutch security checkpoint – one thing seems for certain. It’s a strong indication your journey is about to get interesting. The acronym A.M.S. is the code for both the Amsterdam airport, as… Read more »

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    Many cultivators have been on the endless search over the last 20 years; learning, burning and trying to extract the autoflowering characteristic from the many Russian ruderalis variants within the cannabis family. Autoflowering frees the cultivators from a regimented light routine as the ruderalis strain flowers based on the plants age; understanding of course, the… Read more »

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    Gravity: the strain… not the movie – is the matriarch of a mind numbing, clone only strain known as Zero Gravity. After a long and convoluted trip, Gravity found her way into the considerate hands of the breeders at THSeeds. A newbie friendly plant, Zero Gravity is a relatively easy strain to cultivate for the… Read more »

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    The Killing Fields kicks ass! No… Not the ones in Cambodia, littered by the Khmer Rouge with dead bodies. Instead, we are speaking of a peaceful strain, one which originated from the expectation that it would yield fields of killer kick-ass flower. The strain was originally developed in order to incorporate Sannie’s Jack with a… Read more »

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    Alien Dawg is a distinct and aromatic hybrid. A strain that links the historic genetics from Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region with some of Northern California best new strains. Creating a stoney new hybrid by crossing Chemdawg (55/45 Indica) and Alien Technology (Afghanistan landrace strain) – spawning a sour and pungent strain that offers a relaxing… Read more »

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    The name Agent Orange has earned a bad rap thanks to the Monsanto Corporation, Dow Chemical and the US Department of Defense. But that was the 60s, our country was at war, and smoking pot – even a strain named for Vietnam era death and destruction – would get your ass thrown in jail. Basic… Read more »

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    Qleaner’s genetic lineage pays homage to its chronic mother…Jack Cleaner. The Cleaner strain enjoys a slightly convoluted set of phenotypes, originally created by crossing Pluton with a Northern Lights #5. Basic Info: Through a complex series of time intensive pollinations, Qleaner arose from the fertile minds of the breeders at TGA subcool. Infusing a sticky… Read more »

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