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  1. weed salad

    Visit a European country (say, France), tell them you’re American, and you’ll likely be met with a snide look, a sarcastic remark, and then some cliched comment about how all Americans are obese and materialistic. Yes, that’s a generalization, but the global view on Americans is one of general disdain: we’re viewed as spoiled brats… Read more »

  2. Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.21.41 AM

    According to a recently published study by the Journal of nervous and mental diseases, marijuana has a new companion in helping to fight the reduction of anxiety. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD. This curious new study claims that LSD therapy can significantly reduce anxiety in those who have suffered life-threatening illnesses. This… Read more »

  3. science-marijuana-cottonmouth-cov-08-04-420x470

    As we mentioned yesterday a recent report from an Italian University and published by the National Institute of Health demonstrated the beneficial nature of marijuana’s CBD cannabinoid – a non-psychoactive compound – which was shown to have ruthlessly attacked tumor cells– prohibiting advancement – by altering “multiple tumoral features and molecular pathways.” Now, Business Weekly is reporting that UK medical… Read more »

  4. CBD-40-percent-

    A recent study from an Italian University and published by the National Institute of Health has reported that marijuana’s cannabidiol – the non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid – has been shown to have ruthlessly attack tumor cells– prohibiting advancement – by altering “multiple tumoral features and molecular pathways.” Scientists from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences… Read more »

  5. marijuana vs alcohol ad

    Alcohol kills, cannabis chills. Marijuana is medicine, alcohol is asinine. Yes, it’s a repetitive comparison, but it’s the truth. And truth will kill prohibition. While there’s an array of reasons that weed should be legalized, it’s logical and straightforward to boil it down to the simple fact: it’s much safer than its deadly, legal counterparts… Read more »

  6. ricky weed

    Many successful athletes smoke weed without any detrimental affect to their game (see: Michael Phelps, Ricky Williams, and the recent Lebron James saga). But a new study suggests that cannabis is perhaps a much healthier choice than HGH or amphetamines for athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition. While the evidence remains slight,… Read more »

  7. marijuana-THC-drug-tests-DUID-facts-you-should-know

    As the national pot debate continues to heat up, and our politicians continue trying to decipher the ethics and financial ramifications of ending the federal prohibition on marijuana consumption. Those heavy smokers among us, looking to drive their car without fear of getting a DUI, may have more to worry about than the average person…. Read more »

  8. marijuana vs cigs good

    Cigarettes kill 443,000 people a year–in the United States alone. Marijuana has never killed anyone. Thus, it’s not so shocking (or earth shattering) that one provides a healthier lifestyle than the other. Still, it’s worthwhile to reinforce what we know and hammer the shit out of it till people get it. Thi Randwick, Australia: Adults who… Read more »

  9. Mold-Grow-rooms

    As most marijuana growers understand, mold is a dangerous issue for both the grower and the garden alike (oh yeah – and the consumer).  Well a new report from a group of scientists working with the national Jewish health researcher – Dr. John Martyny – took a look at the growing conditions in 30 illegal… Read more »

  10. syn-fin-pot

    Not that most need much of a heads up on synthetic marijuana — but a new published report from the “Journal of forensic science” goes into great detail as to the risks associated with smoking spice, or synthetic marijuana, as it’s more commonly known. The primary issue that these reports site is the lack of… Read more »

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