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  1. holton

    Local election could have a major impact on the future of medical marijuana.

  2. tax maryj

    With legalization becoming a realistic possibility, the next issue becomes: how will cannabis be taxed?

  3. nyc stock smoke shop

    New York’s Senate will soon (again) decide the fate of the state’s medicinal cannabis.

  4. grow stock

    Are you taking the necessary precautions with your grow?

  5. regulate bud

    How do you view regulations on medical marijuana?

  6. drug inspection checkpoint

    When travelling across state lines with cannabis, you should be aware of potential drug inspection checkpoints.

  7. richardbranson

    Richard Branson has fast become an important face for the movement to legalize cannabis.

  8. legalize mj

    Opponents of marijuana legalization always cling to the same arguments. This is why all these arguments are dead wrong.

  9. Screen shot 2012-03-16 at 1.57.15 PM

    If you text your friends or dealers about cannabis, you may want to stop.

  10. super troopers harass

    A showdown of sorts is brewing in Siskiyou County, California as deputies have been showing up unannounced stating that they were there to do “compliance checks.”

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