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  1. legalizationfist

    Maryland officially becomes the 21st Medical Marijuana state (plus neighboring Washington D.C.) after Governor Martin O’Malley signed off on House Bill 881 which both allows limited medical marijuana access for patients and protects them from prosecution. While that medical access (like the whole East Coast’s) will take time, patience, and start off as prohibitive, Maryland’s… Read more »

  2. Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 12.24.07 PM

    Did you know there’s an up-and-coming cannabis scene in Spain? The country’s (largely in Barcelona) connoisseur driven “Cannabis Social Clubs” act as both quasi-dispensaries and hang-out spots for like-minded Spanish individuals looking to get lifted and stay medicated. If you’re a tourist, you need an in or a contact to get into these clubs–fortunately, WeedmapsTV… Read more »

  3. edibles

    Edible makers in Oregon received a rude awakening late last week when the state announced it will ban the sale medibles with sugar that “could be attractive to young people.” The bill–which can be modified–contains particularly vague language but appears to apply not only to edible packaging, but even what’s inside the edibles. It’s absurd,… Read more »

  4. photo (6)

    Dispensaries and cannabis-based products may be prohibited from advertising on Television screens (even in Colorado), but apparently, head shops are not. Because last night, during CNBC’s (extremely mediocre) documentary on the “Colorado Pot Rush,” a television ad featuring this Kush Girl and Mile High Pipe and Tobacco aired during a commercial break. It’s ironic, because, you… Read more »

  5. legalize in decade photoshop

    Don’t let the bowtie fool you, this man is serious about CHANGING U.S. DRUG POLICY NOW. Oregonian Congressman Earl Blumenhaur delivered a momentous speech in front of Congress yesterday during which he prophesied an impending shift in U.S. federal drug policy. The kind-eyed and even-keeled congressman proclaimed in a calm yet authoritative manner that the… Read more »

  6. seattle massive joint

    Americans smoke tons of weed a year, perhaps, some might say, in excess (compared to those classy Amsterdam spliff smokers). But a new study from RAND suggests that Americans–especially in Washington state–smoke even more weed than we could have ever imagined: While the Washington Office of Financial Management projected that 85 metric tons (MT) of… Read more »

  7. super troopers eat weed

    It’s been a trying season for NFL players that medicate on their off days. From Von Miller’s 6-game weed-related suspension to Dwayne Bowe’s recent Sonic bust, not a week goes by without an NFL player making the news for a weed-related offense. But it’s been some time since a player has tried to ingest his… Read more »

  8. DC Marijuana

    What’s already been a green year for the nation’s capital will soon get even lusher. The Washington Post reports that the majority of the D.C. Council has voted in favor (10-3) to make low level cannabis possession a civil offense rather than a criminal offense (as it currently stands). This decision means that rather than going to… Read more »

  9. war-on-drugs-failed

    A new Canadian study of the world wide drug trade was recently published in the medical journal BMJ Open, giving the public their first “global snapshot” 40 years after the misguided “War on Drugs” was first cultivated. The results were not surprising. America’s sad and expensive experiment has been an utter failure. Their findings should… Read more »

  10. hempfest-snuffs-out-worlds-biggest-joint-attempt.jpg

    Apparently not everybody was comfortable with the idea of the world’s largest joint being fired up at Seattle’s Hempfest this past weekend. Advertised as the “world’s largest cannabis law reform event,” Hempfest’s organizer and CEO John Davis, ripped into Brian Laoruangroch (a.k.a. “the roach“), after he announced his intention of rolling, and smoking the world’s… Read more »

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